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8.2 Mount List

-The first is the one you get from pathfinder part 2 the wonderwing 2.0.

  • Xylawag ATV is the new engineer and blacksmith mount.

  • Child of Torcoli is the final part of the horde how to train your dire horn achievement

  • The onyx war hyena is a raided pvp mount that i have no idea how to get.

  • The 6 zone reps of bfa get new mounts as well. Alliance get the Griffins starting with The Stormsong coastwatcher, The proudmoore seascout ,Dusky waycrest griffin. Horde get the pterror wings. The captured swampstaker ,The Vuldanai dunescraper, the spectral pterrorwing.

  • The x-995 mechanocat is the first you can build on Mechagon through a blueprint and can be many colors

  • The rust bolt resistor is the rep mount for rustbolt resistance.

  • Aerial Unit R-21/x drops off King mechagon.

  • The Mechagon Peacekeeper also drops in the Mechagon dungeon.

  • The Scrap Forged Mechaspider is assembled yourself, through a quest chain

  • The RUsty Mechanic Crawler is a dingy version of both and drops from the Arachnoid Harvester on Mechogon.

  • The Mechacycle is the Mecha-Done achievement mount. Its a wheel mount and It looks like it will take quite a bit or work to achieve but be well worth it.

  • The junkheap drifter is the rusty version of wheel mount and drops of the rare rustfeather

  • Unshackled Waveray is the horde Nazjatar Ray rep mount in red

  • The Ankoan Waveray is the alliance Nazjatar Ray rep mount in blue

  • The Azshari Bloutray is the Glory of the Eternal Raider achievement mount and it's the ray in yellow.

  • The silent glider drops from the rare soundless in Nazjatar.

  • Royal Snapdragon is a Nazjatar drop from the unshackled supplies

  • The deepcoral Snapdrogon comes from the quest a gift from akana in Nazjatar

  • And the Snapdragon kelpstalker comes from the quest a gift from neri in Nazjatar

  • The inkscale deepseeker is new seahorse mount that looks like an actual horse and seahorse mixed hooves and all. This comes from 150 nazjatar battle commendations

  • The Crimson Tidestallion is the red version of this and a true vendor mount where you can trade with mulocs until you get it on the day the quest is available in Nazjatar

  • Fablous drops from fablous the rare in Nazjatar

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