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A Little About the Blogger p.1

I received an email asking to know about me. I wasn't sure if that was personally or in game history. This is the answer to the personal. I'm not sure what you would like to know. I'm also afraid that the real life charity is really not interesting. Or will make me less likable. But here is the first part of few to come.

I was born in a house with two doberman pinschers and my uncle taught me about ninja turtles, cars and his passion, not mine, for wrestling. I got very sick when I was two after a trip to a lake. Mom brought me to the doctor for fear of the red pox showing up on my body. The doctors said chicken pox sent me home. I reached a 100 degree temp and went to the emergency room. A student studying a disease said I got a disease carried over called spinal meningitis in the form of meningococcemia. This was a nerve meningitis that travels through your bloodstream to your brain and kills you. Many carriers can have too but only 3 cases were known and they all had died. So I was sent over in a helicopter to the hospital studying this. On the ride over they were trying to open me up and get my blood in the places I was boiling from inside out of my blood stream. It seeped up and scared and bled out. Of course all my veins were shriveling up and they couldn't get much. I died before we landed. They put a sheet over me, announced me dead and sent in the hospital priest. That's what you did then. My mom was freaking out saying to get away from me crying and they had to escort her out. After she left she ran back in and I was babbling to her under the sheets. The monitor started beating slowly and it was as if I was cured. They sewed me up and kept me quarantined. I had no immune system and could die from a cold. I spent two years and birthdays in the hospital. Shot after shot surgery after Sergey to get me as presentable as was possible then. People coming to see me had to suit up like E.T. scientists. Needless to say that movie still gives me night terrors. Of course I'm afraid of everything remotely scary to this day.

Image From E.T. the movie

ANYWAY... sorry tangent. The doctors said I would be a vegetable. I wouldn't be able to talk or walk. I was scared up my arm. I had scars up my legs on my face even. I had two middle fingers that had started to curl up and scribble away and only one was fixed. The other even after a rod was put in went right back into place. That was some awful pain let me tell you. Watching it shrivel back up. I am to this day afraid of hospitals and the smell of the rubbing alcohol makes me sick to my stomach. It didn't get rid of most of it though. My teeth were Stained Yellow from the meds they gave me every day sometimes through tubes when I would pass out.

So here is the thing. I personally remember the hospital, the surgery tables, the needles and the smells. But most of the story of what happened to get me there. I just don't. It was all given to me by my mother. However religious you are or nonreligious this did shape my religion. I believe I am here for a reason. Even if that reason is to spread kindness and help others. The story may have been made up but I was in a hospital and sick with no immune system for two years and ridden in a helicopter with the records to prove it. My name is on a wall of miracles in a hospital somewhere. I was there and read it but was very young and without my mother now to show it to me I couldn't tell you where. Since she is currently not present in my life I can't tell you how true the whole story is. I have the scars and the little shriveled and about to shrivel middle fingers. This is what I know to be true. Most people wouldn't doubt their parents but if you met my mother you would understand that she bends the truth. This did shape me though. I am who I am due to a lot of this. Growing up being picked on. Telling kids it was a surfing accident. A shark bite. To be cooler than just a sick kid who had to be taken out of school for weeks on end sometimes because I was sick again. Or having another surgery to try and “fix” me.

To be Continued...

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