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Addons That make Life Easy

This week I did an overhaul on my u i and it got me thinking about all the useful addons that make life easier in games. I used to be really against them because a lot of addons become a crutch for game play. Meaning it would make the game feel unplayable without them. I stick to addons that are helpful but in a snag I can still play without them because of this. Here are some that are simple and will take your organization and game play up a notch.

ArkInventory is an addon that lets you customize your bags so that only what you want goes in them. Yes I know the blizzard ui does this but this takes it the extra mile. Color customization down to your Bind on Equip gear and Soulbound gear. I even have a slot for all my pet stuff.

Threat Plates is my favorite Name plates addon. It tells you your threat on each mob is customizable so you can see the debuffs etc on each mob. You can make your bars visible at all times or only when you want them and so forth. Now my absolute favorite part about this addon though is the quest custom option. It makes a big exclamation mark on your targets that you need for your quests. This is soo helpful when fighting for mobs out in Pandaria and Uldum for dailies. I have the color changed and the mark so big I can see it from much farther and pick out what I need much faster. I have had a lot of good feedback from telling my friend about it as well. You can set it up to stay on till you turn in the quest or turn off when you're done as well so you can help your friends find the mobs too.

Now I don't know about you but I can never remember how to spell everyone's name in game. I surely don't know all the alt codes for the special letters either. So when I mail a friend some mats or even myself some mats having a menu for alts guildies or recently mailed is so helpful. Postal does this for you. That way I don't mail it to random people.

You can get all of these off the curse website at https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons. I recommend downloading the twitch app for it though. It will show you when you need updates and you can just start them up before you log in every day. Plus you can follow me and fafford and see us whenever we start streaming. All these addons and where sites will be listed on my post on facebook. You can catch me @luvsweetcharity (love with a u and no e) or on the lions pride discord. Thanks all see you next week for my great addons.


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