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The next alpaca is “Elusive Alpaca “ found in Vol’dun in 15 different locations so far. This alpaca is a rare spawn that you feed once for the mount. The Seaside Leafy Greens mix you need to feed him is bought from a variety of innkeepers like the Tortollan who live at Tortaka Refuge in Vol’dun or from the vendor on the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur. It is not a quest its a chat bubble you right click on. Talk to him and feed him the goods. Good news is once you get your greens and find the “Elusive Alpaca “ you get the mount. I recommend group finder for this or the last mount spawns. See if anyone has them up on their server. Or a raid looking together.

The last alpaca mount is “Mollie: from a slightly damp pile of fur. This one is about luck. It drops of the rare Dunegorger Kraulok in Vol’dun. So go find him and see if you can rescue mollie from. I hope you all find your fluffy friends. Edit 1/22/20: added New spawn points to new pic. Also very important do not turn in your quest to alpaca in a raid group. It will not count. So it will go away for the day but you will get nothing out of it. So groups of 5 and under only. Edit 1/23/20: The Patch that was put in place fixed the raid problem so from now on you can get your daily in raid. But you still need to make up the ones you did in raid before the 23rd after the patch.

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