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Angel and Devil on Shoulders Toy

This week I went on an adventure to find my conscience and my naughty side of my Death Knight. There are two toys you can get that will display on your shoulders Sinny the Sinstone and Angelis the Val’kyr. Just like in the emperor's new groove where his devil and his angel are trying to tell him to let kusco die or live.

If you haven't seen Emperor's new groove you are a uncoltered freak and need to go watch it. Otherwise there are plenty of cartoons that have displayed this before.

These toys act alone and have conversations together as well. It's pretty awesome. They are also pretty easy to obtain.

To get the Bondable Sinstone you will need to get the Taskmaster’s Trove treasure in southern darkhaven of Revendreth. Go to Ingress and Egress Rites objects south of Darkhaven and complete the puzzle that it starts. You will have to dodge balls to get to it and loot the trove that obtains the toy.

To get the Bondable Val'kyr Diadem you loot it from the Gift of Chyrus treasure in the Upper Temple of Humility in Bastion. This treasure will be locked until you “show proof of humility” meaning kneel before it. Easy enough right. Then you can loot the treasure. Make sure you /kneel while targeted on the item if necessary.

Now you can click both toys at the same time and hear all the things they have to say together. They have low cooldowns and last 15 min.

Here are some Phrases they will have in chat:

Angelis: Who will you aid today mortal?

Sinny: Aid? Mortal lets go pillage something nice for you.

Sinny: What kind of trouble can we get up to?

Angelis: Do not let him tempt you!

Sinny: You know, you jump a lot?

Angelis: He does, doesn't he, must be a thing with the wingless.

Angelis: You jump a lot mortal, without wings that has to be bad for your joints?

Sinny: I bet it does, but I can just rock with it...

Sinny: What is one more sin? Come on!

Angelis: This... this stone! It will lead you to disaster, mortal!

Sinny: Yes! Strike them down, now that one over there!

Angelis: May your weapon only seek those deserving justice!

Angelis: A righteous fight, may they rest in an honorable death!

Sinny: Righteous, hah! You stomped them!

Angelis: It is never too late to start down the path of righteousness!

Sinny: And because of that, why not put it off until tomorrow!

Sinny: You cannot let him get away with that, get them!

Angelis: It was most likely a misunderstanding...

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and an even better New Years.

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