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Apple Toy (Rotten Apple)

This month we have been trying to get all the things we missed before we moved on and apparently we missed a Toy that not a lot of people know about in StormWind City Visions called Rotted Apple. There are apples all around the Cathedral entrance. They look like black and grey burnt balls on the ground. The more you kick them the higher your chance to get the toy in the chest at the end after killing Alleria. Think of it as the percentage is equal to kicks.

For example if you kick the apple 50 times you have a 50 percent chance to get the apple toy. If you do it 100 times you have a 100 percent chance.

Sometimes they will scurry back to their spot. You can kick them while they are running or chase them back and start kicking again. If you mount, go kitty or stag or wolf its been known to reset. So I don't recommend doing any of this till killing Alleria.

This isn't going away with Shadowlands but it is just another thing you won't have to come back for. You can do this in a group but I don't know how the percentage works then. I did it 110 times and everyone else did it under 100 some only a few. We all ended up with the apple toy.

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