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You're Mythic plus tips to Atal'Dazar. The Snapping dungeon!


Now this route seems to get us the best times. You can also choose to skip the slime (Blood of the Corrupter) obelisk. If you feel keen on taking it with the last boss. It requires a lot more movement but it can cut a lot of time if you can pull it off. It also keeps you from pulling a double Reanimated Honor Guard pack for those rough weeks like Bolstering and Grievous. This path is shown Below.

Dealing With Trash

Speaking of Honor Guards. You can also skillfully C.C.(Crowed Control) if you have the C.C. that works. Be sure you pull the packs far enough away from each other for bolstering or so you don't accidentally pull in close quarters. Or if you have a death knight you can choose to Control Undead one of the Honor Guards. This is usually how our group deals with it when I tank. Plus you get a tank buddy to boot. Just remember to kill him for count when your done.

When dealing with the Feasting Skyscreamers you want to be sure that you are pulling one at a time so you can keep up with the fear Interrupts/Stuns/Kicks. This can really hurt if you fear into other mobs or don't put out enough healing to deal with the jumping Toxic Saurids that unless snapped will do a lot of damage to your group making healing much more difficult. Even more so in some Affixes like Grievous.

The Dazar'ai Juggernauts are deathly on their own with their charge that can sometimes be hard to dodge. But it is possible. The Dazar'ai Augers are annoying but their wildfire isn't to bad. The thing you want to take note of is that the Dazar'ai Juggernaut and a Dazar'ai Auger up together can very well wipe your group. They put out ability when together called Fiery Enchant. You want to try and avoid them together or kill one of them off as fast as possible. The C.C. will work for this too as long as they don't activate the spell before you C.C. them.

The extra Shadow-blade Stalkers can be avoided by knowing where to pull them separate. Such as on the stairs away from other groups. Using abilities such as Flare and Death and Decay an bring them out of stealth. Red paths up and down the stairs. Blue has two who stay stationary at top of stairs behind obelisk. Orange pats alone. Green pats up and down the stairs.

The Witch Doctors will hex someone in our group to a cute little dino. Be sure to avoid the green ring around them so you don't get hexed when it brakes or is dispelled. You can stun, C.C. or interrupt/kick them to avoid this as well.

The fire on the stairs from the Tiki Masks goes in a pattern and should be avoided. Jumping while on the stairs is deadly as well because it is to steep. You can see when the fire is coming by the red glow the Tiki Mask eyes.


This is the ultimate snapping dungeon. There are so many places to snap. Which is good because if done correct it can cut out a lot of time and healing done in here.

Saurids and Screamers being snapped on these ledges can help with your A.O.E. damage to your group as said before. Here are some snap points for them.

It is possible to snap here but its not recommended. Its hard to get back if at all and I glitched the mobs back and forth sometimes.

If your melee you want to stand in these

spots so you can reach the trash to damage them when they are snapped. Otherwise only the range will hit them. If you stand with the tank you risk damage that you were avoiding in the first place.

You can stand on this spot as well but it can line of site your healers and damage so I don't recommend it unless you really need to in a tight spot.

It is possible to snap the large dino pack in the middle. This can help with the deadly charge

they do. T'alonja and Monzumi are very big so it will be hard to see your character but once your in place you wont be charged.

Be sure to L.O.S.(line of sight) the Dinomancer Kish'o behind the ledge because otherwise it will just shoot you from afar.

You can snap obelisk in the priest room on this spot by jumping up from the side ledge here up as if you will land on the brazier. You cannot land on it but once in the air it snaps the mob to you thinking you did land there. This makes the spider obelisk (Voidweaver Mal'thir) much more manageable.

Another obelisk snap is kinda tricky but seems to have something to do with the water here. If you jump in the water than up on the ledge it should help snap the fear obelisk (Samh'rek Beckoner of Chaos) to you. Its not perfect though. After some playing with it it only seems to work for the obelisk not with other trash in the dungeon and were not sure if its the water or the jump over the water. It may have something to do with how large the hit box is. It happens a lot in other dungeons like this too. It still seems to save us from exploding affix and some time either way.

Boss Notes

Priestess Alun'za

The add that comes out on the during this boss to drink up the pools can be c.c.ed(crowd controlled). Griping it back stunning slowing all work. This should be done to help D.P.S.(Damage per Second) the mob down before it takes away your pool of blood. Otherwise the Boss will use you to heal herself and waste more time.


It is possible to Shadowmeld, invis, feint death etc. to avoid the fixate. This can be done to avoid the run and increase D.P.S.(damage per second). If you can do any of these it is helpful. It is notable that this boss does snap but not in a good way. It will snap you to the boss if you run into the water fall in the room. So avoiding them.


When fighting this boss if you decided to skip his trash it is important that when he dies you and your group are no where near the gate when it drops. It will pull the trash you skipped on you.

Note Worthy

It is possible to skip the middle trash with a invis, shadowmeld or feint death etc. Have the person with this ability mount up and run through them towards the front door. The rest of the group hits the obelisk and the puller uses their ability. Than uses the shadow door up front to meet the rest of the group in the shadow realm. This has killed a person from time to time but its still faster than pulling this awful group sometimes.

Remember the Obelisks change biweekly and there are two patterns for every dungeon. The Ooze obelisk (Blood of the Corrupter) and the Spider obelisk (Voidweaver Mal'thir) do a swap in this dungeon.

I wanna thank Mythic dungeon tools and my raid leader Cassa for their help in this Atal'Dazar this week.

You can find the addon for Mythic Dungeon Tools is here: https://www.method.gg/dungeontools

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