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Bumble Bee Mounts and Pets Guide

So this week's minutes is about the long awaited bee mount. If you haven't already got started here are some things I learned actually doing it.

So to open it up you will have to have one of two be companions.

The first one is the Seabreeze Bumblebee that is purchased from the StormWake Rep vendor with 250 polished Pet Charms. If someone has this pet you can borrow it from them if they are kind enough to do so. Or just buy it off the auction house.This will save you some time grinding pet charms or the grind on the next bee pet.

Which is Bumbles. Bumbles is not cage able. To get him you need:

  1. An alliance character at a min of 110

  2. Do the entire Mildenhall quest chain up to the "Back to the lab quest." A trick if you have no idea, like I didn't, is to copy paste the text here in your chat.

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(50553)

If it says true after you have done that you already did it. If not here is the list of people to find to see where you left off.

Ancel in the basement : /tar Ancel

Raimandmilenhall in the hills: /tar Raim

Sam Robinson: /tar Sam

The lost farmhand: /tar Lost Farm

Now To Farm!

  1. You have to farm up the Annealed Honey Amulet. If your like me you already have it it your bags or your bank somewhere and just didn't know what it was for till now. So check there first. If not it drops from the Flowing Honies and Bubbly Meads around the Meadery. They can also drop from the bumbling bees in the northern mountains and` the bumbling bees in the west coast of StormSong. Drop rate is around 1 %

  2. Next You need to find Rosaline Mildenhall in Buralas. To find her use my target macro to find her at one of these targeted locations.

/target Rosaline Mildenhall

/run SetRaidTarget("target",8)

She is at the way points listed here.

Shop in Mariners row: /way 72 73

Goldmans Cafe : /way 55 62

Scribes and Nobles: /way 51 48

Couch: /way 58 66

*The last one is weird because you can't really get to her here. But if you stand on the point on the couch and spam the macro you will target her if she is up. If she is, find your keybind for interact with target. If its not set, set something up and use it and talk to her.

Once you find her talk to her till she gives you a letter.

Than return with letter to Ancel in the Basement. Complete the Bumbles the Bee quest by grabbing the secret ingredient.

  1. Last accept the new quest Ancel Gives you. Once you have collected what he wants you will feed mix it feed the bee and get this repeatable quest for 7 days. After the 7 days you will get an achievement and receive bumbles in the mail.

Now To Open Rep!

  1. Now that you have it, take a 120 Alliance character to the mildenhall meadery flight point /way 69 64 and pull out your pet. Take him over to Berry the man will the bees all over him kneeling by the boat. He will tell you to follow the green clouds. You can do this if your interested in the RP but you don't have to, you can just go to /way 62.93, 26.58 to find the hive.

  2. Make sure you approach the hive and dont walk in. This is important because you will get kicked out and stung with a debuff. The bee will show up and talk to you. Than go to /way 63 28 to pick up your first thin jelly. It is the only spot you can get the first one. You take that to the bee queen than talk to Berry for his bee dance. Talk to him again make sure he walks in first.

  3. Now you can enter the hive and give your jelly to the goo bee called the Nascent Harvester on your left inside the honeycomb, oh i'm sorry “JELLY comb” I guess. This will give you your first 20 rep. If you don't do that you cant see the jelly nodes. So make sure you do all that to start. Now you can go pick up jelly around the area.

Now To Earn The Rep!

Now To actually get your mount you will fill two bee bars. The first one is to fill your friendship bar with the Nascent Harvester two times to mature and the other is the honeyback harvester rep bar to Exalted. They fill at about the same rate but you really only need the first one to get the mount. But getting the friendship will get you the rep anyway plus get you the friendship faster with the rep. Since getting revered will get you a bonus. But I'll tell you about that in a minute.

The only way to get friendship is the jelly. There are different ways to get it and turn it into the harvester. You will need 700 thin jelly per friendship level. That means you will need 21 hundred thin jellies to cap your friendship and your rep. Once you have both you get a short quest line called “Leaving the Hive,” for your mount.

The three jellies you will find are Thin, Rich and Royal. Thin gives 5 friendship and 20 rep. The Rich gives 20 friendship 80 rep and the Royal gives 40 friendship 160 rep.You can exchange 4 thin jellies for one Rich Jelly or 8 thin jellies for one royal jelly

There are a couple ways to get these things.

  1. The first thing is to make sure you are killing the rare called the Honey Smasher located north of the hive on the coast. You get 500 rep a day just from killing him. Plus he drops the pet the Crimson skipper the red butterfly. Be sure you don't pull him too far though. He tends to leash easily and reset.

  2. The next thing is the Bee Events. These go about every 15 to 30 min and drop the same things as the Smasher. The idea is that you talk to the bee to defend it. Than your group stands there and kills incoming mobs from all sides. The larger the amount of people the more it takes to kill the mobs. So if you do little to no damage don't hit elites and rares till they are almost dead. Also this is a group thing so don't start it by yourself. You will not get to the rares/mobs you need.

-They will have rare mobs that drop quest items to turn in for rep. There are 6 different rare possibilities. They can be a different rare each event and depending on the damage you do in the time given depends how many you get. The rares can spawn on every 5th wave.

-At the end a jelly comb appears in the middle that you can loot. You can only loot the jelly combs for the event every 45 min to an hour on that toon and the rare item to turn in for rep is repeatable once per week. The jelly at the end of the event has a chance to get the last two butterflies. The Sunsoaked Flitter the Yellow Butterfly or Papi the purple pink butterfly.

There is an Aura to go get if you want to track the time when doing the event below

Weak Aura @ https://wago.io/nNTM4s2Oh

3. The last way is to farm up the jellies around the area. They can be on trees in bushes on rocks or right out in the open.

Bee Events = Orange Hive Locations= Purple Smasher= Red

*Both the Smasher and the Bee events are usually in the group finder if you need them. I usually find a group for the harvester than go farm jellies till general chat mentions a bee event. Once I do the event I go back to farming till the next one.

So some things that will help you get your Jellies faster are:

  1. Goggles or a friend with goggles: These goggles can be bought from Berry outside the hive at Revered for 20 Rich Jellies. If you didn't already notice you can trade in thin or rich jellies for Rich and Royal Jellies. Once you hit revered turn in your thin jellies for rich jellies along with any Rich jellies you get. It's totally worth the jellies. Once you do this turn off all other trackers including your fish tracker. Than you will be good to go. Just make sure you click your goggles every time the cool down is up. Or you won't see any. If you don't have the rep yet you can group up with someone who does. Follow right behind them and loot the jellies at the same time. It's hard to see the hidden jellies without the goggles so it will go much faster.

  2. Next is Jelly Magnets: Drop off the events jellies, smasher and jellie nodes. You will want to save these until you have the goggles. They will let you loot more jellies from deposits for 30 min. They are more effective with your goggles.

  3. Next use a smaller mount: It's easier to see the jellies if you are on a cat or a moose and not a giant dragon with wings. It's also helpful to other people trying to loot them behind you.

  4. Change your Graphic Settings: Go to your graphics in your system options and change your ground clutter bar at the bottom to 1. That will make it a lot easier to see the nodes.

  5. And the Addon Jelly Deposit Locations: Last is Jelly deposit location, an addon for your gatherer mate 2 that tracks the nodes just like herbs and mining nodes. It's helpful to keep you flying in the right directions. You need gathermate 2 to use this. Make sure your other nodes are turned off though while gathering so it's easier to see them. You can do this in the addon Gathermate options as well as the spyglass on your mini map. Make sure both are done.

  6. Last thing is Monel-Hardened Stirrups: Unfortunately we are not all druids so we have to dismount to pick up the jellies. If your not on your druid like me you can have your blacksmiths make you Monel-Hardened Stirrups so you can loot without dismounting for 2 hours in Zandalar and Kul Tiras. You will wonder why you didn't have them all along.

***Some things to note is that you can buy, sell and trade jellies with others on your server. As well as the pets. All cage-able. So if you are hard up on getting your mount, you can buy some on the auction house. Or if you want to make some cash you can sell them as well. Or you can make some bitches out of your friends and they can farm for you too. I don't know..whatever you're into I guess.

Hope this helps. Post me some pics of your bee mounts. I'd love to see you buzzing in style.

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