• Charity

Corruption Is LEAVING!

So The Pre-Patch has been announced for october 13th, finally... and the expansion has been pushed back to who knows. But when the prepatch does come out all that precious corruption will be gone. Here is what you need to know about all the corruption going away.

-Mother Won't be selling Preserved Contaminants of Corruptions anymore

-Existing Preserved Contaminants will be destroyed in your bags and banks. So Don't try to stockpile them, it won't help.

-The negative Effects of Corruption will also be disabled

-The ny’alotha Weapons corruption will be disabled

-The Heart of Darkness Azurite Trait will now provide a secondary stat boost without any corruptions requirements

I recommend you take all your higher gear and hold on to it so when you lose your corruption you can put on the gear that is better with or without corruption. Because a lot of the gear you're wearing is so dependent on it.

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