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Covenants, How To Choose

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I'm the first to say I'm worried about Covenants and how it's going to affect me down the line. So I have done my best to prepare myself for the inevitable swapping. Unfortunately nothing stays the same and something good might not be later. Here are some things you should know before choosing a Covenant to keep from making the process harder.

When you are given the chance to go speak to each Covenant, take advantage of that time. Be sure you don't run in and pick right away. You want to choose the option to try out the abilities they offer on the dummies nearby. Also be sure you use the correct dummy because the tank dummy can well kill you. Yeah I did that on my tank. Any other dummy would be better, promise. The tank dummy is no joke.

So go try them out. Play around and see what works for you and do your research because I promise by the time you pick your own there will be people that tried them and had tips for what's useful for your class and spec. There is one ability that is for everyone that chooses it and one ability for each class. NOT SPEC. Yes so that means if its better for your tank but not your dps you're out of luck. Sorry. Gotta roll another one if you wanna be what's the word all the young kids call it now...meta? So decide what spec is more important.

The good news is after all this if you still pick the wrong one switching is easy. The problem is you really upset the Covenants that you leave so it will take at least a week to swap back to them if you decide to because the two quests to do this have a weekly cooldown. So dont willy nilly choose. Make an educated decision. You can also use the chart I posted in my blog, to see what is best for your spec and class at the moment anyway.


I know this is ealy but I wanted to point this all out before you go barreling in excited to be a blood sucking fiend and realize, oh they really aren't what's best for class. Like I was going to do with my death knight. She really needs the utility of the Nightfae for movement and the Area of effect for her death and decay will really help her tanking in comparison.

Choosing a Covenants should be as permanent as your race. Such as choosing a race for its racial. You can't just go race change without paying for it, to get that sweet troll haste. Hopefully you will stop and think when starting this quest and choose what's best for you. Hope this helps. Thanks for listening. See you all next week.

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