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DBM and Your UI

With Shadowlands Fast approaching we are all setting up UI settings including getting our Deadly Boss Mods setup the way we like. This way we are better prepared going into shadowlands. I want to talk a bit about it today, So you can see all the timers, hear all the sounds and react faster.

In Dbm the right menu is where you should start. You can type "/dbm" and hit enter in chat to get there. The two tabs at the top will start you off. They are BOSSES and OPTIONS. Bosses will take you into each dungeon and raid you have in your dbm addons. If you don't see a dungeon/raid or world boss you will need to download that expansion dbm from whatever addon app you use. For example, if you want to do a Firelands. You must have Cataclysm DBM to add to the main DBM folder.

BOSSES will let you change anything specific to the boss. So if you don't like the sound or warning that a boss ability makes you can specifically change it down to the Icons used to mark them. To get to that you click the plush next to the expansion you need for the drop down, then the click Raid or Dungeon you need the boss out of. You may have to click load this in the main area so that it loads the bosses out of the dungeon. Then click the plus that loads next to it.

Now you can go down to the specific boss you need. Remember the bar may scroll on the right so you can go all the way down to the very specific setting you need. You may need a run away little girl to get the point across to get the hell out of dodge instead of a du da du da! Sound. Or you may want to turn off announcements because they are just saying it too much and not helping at all.

If you don't find what you need there it will be In that very first OPTIONS Tab. This you can set up before even going into the raid because of the test functions. I encourage you to go in here and read what is in each thing to get familiar with all the settings. There are so many. You can even set up specific profiles for each character. Such as having your bars in a different place on your healer or a different sound for a more important thing for a dps vs a tank.

To set up your timers and alerts on your UI go to each one you want to work on such as announcements and click the move me in the top right corner. It will give you a few minutes showing you where it will be, what it looks like and let you move it wherever you want. Click and drag the dot for this one and put it where you want. Now that you know how you want it to look.

The timers are in Color by type. It also has a move me functions and it lets you move the abilities coming abilities closest to the coming range and list functions. The bars even pretend to go off so you can see where they are gonna be when they do.

These are just a few settings in your Deadly Boss mods that will help you. Like I said take some time and go through each menu to see what it has. Maybe you can change something that will give you one up on the boss next time you go in. I hope this helps you set your DBM with your UI.

It also goes without saying even people that dont use addons this was the only addon I required when i raid led because its so important in knowing what's coming for any player. If you don't have deadly boss mods and you are doing raids on world bosses or dungeons I highly recommend it or another addon like big wigs that does the same thing.

Good luck in the Pre-Patch coming this week. Don't forget to check out my guide on what to get in pre patch so you don't miss anything at lovesweetcharity.com. As well as pictures and this guide. I will go over the pre patch guide next week. I wanted to push this DBM Guide so I could help a request on discord out. Thanks for listening and see you all next week.

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