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Exiles Reach

The new Exiles reach is amazing! If you haven't gone through it do it. It is worth noting that if you don't want the tutorials to blow you up, you can turn them off. Otherwise you will be blinked at every time a piece of gear drops and you decide to take it off or or not wear. While this is great if you dont have heirlooms it can get anoying. You sometimes cant use a diffrent UI just for the shear fact you cant click the bubbles that pop up saying do this here.

To do so, in your interface settings go to Display. On the Bottom left there is a check mark that shows you have Tutorials on. Uncheck it.

If you're a new player it actually may be helpful. Just do what it says you may learn something.

The training you get on your character has ranged from class to class. For example the shadow priest wants you to refresh your dots a little to late in training but the druid balance actually teaches you to refresh it at the correct time.

I think my favorite thing is how each class has its own specific thing to let you get to know about that class. You become one with a spirit to gain spirit wolf as a shaman. You go set up traps and catch a pet for a hunter. You learn from the a master druid how to change forms for travel form. Every class has it own how to. I cant wait to try them all.

The horde vs. Alliance experince is pretty much the same till it comes to how you solve the problem. Really it comes down to Goblin mind vs. Gnome mind. I wont give away to much but I guess I identify with the Goblins more myself and say Just BLOW IT UP!

The worst part though for me is after going through all the quests and all the chests there is still no Boots. Since I'm obsessed with Transmog this drove me crazy. Of course there are other mogs you can get to go with it. But I feel like they could have put boots in a chest or something don't you? There are a few mogs you can get from the dungeon. They don't all drop when you go.

So feel free to reque for the dungeon at the end a few times before saying you want to leave for a few chances at them.

All together though this zone has had a great response. If only all the pacing in all the zones were as good as this one. I will be using this zone to level all my toons. Now to find some boots that match the set. <3 See you all next week.

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