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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

This is your guide to some tricks and tips for mythic freehold. I hope this helps you go that extra mile so you can time your next freehold with no problem.

Interrupt, Kick, Stun Kite

Understanding a few of the trash mobs and what they do will help you stay alive when the damage becomes unbearable. You want to be sure you know who you can stun, interrupt and kite so you don't take unnecessary damage. The Irontide Enforcers throw the tank to another player. This makes it hard to keep them stacked up nicely for the D.P.S.to cleave. To handle that you want to take out your ranged mobs such as the Irontide Crackshots first. This also helps with the ranged attacks that they tend to leave on the ground. Since your already constantly dodging bird poo.

Irontide Oarsmen's sea spout, Bilge Rat Brinescale's spray, and Bilge Rat Buccaneer's A.O.E. have horrible damage that can be stunned and/or Interrupted so they don't destroy your group. Make sure you have a interrupt/kick and/or stun rotation on these mobs. Its good to note that the Brinescales can be turned away by the tank to keep the cast away from other players in case it is missed and goes off. That way only the tank gets the debuff not the whole group.

The Blacktooth Scrappers can be kited and stunned so they do not run to pull other mobs or do blind rage to your group. Using traps slows such as oil trap, binding shot, ring of peace, earth-bind totem, or capacitor totem. Are all good handles for this.

Don't stand in bad! It may be the easiest one but if you see bad under you move. This doesn't mean take a trip to china. Just side step out of it than keep casting. In these dungeons the damage is usually to high to take and should be avoided before your cast. The Iron Tide Crusher Boulder Throw and Ground Shatter is a good example of this.

Avoid nasty pulls by watching patrols and pulling away from other packs such as in the second boss room. The Brinescale pack is rough and has two of them to boot. Pulling them before the boss or the packs to the right of them is smart. Its worth noting you can pull them into the room for safer moment or up the hill they patrol on than turning them to aim them away from your group. Keep a good rotation on them and if you have anyone with dispels for the D.O.T.(Damage over time debuff) they put out use it. It will help out with heals as well.


Know what you can handle when you pull. Sometimes trying it is the only way to know. In our group we sometimes use heroism/bloodlust to take out the first three packs in the dungeon instead of first boss. Being sure to still following all the rules for each mob. But depending on the affix or the level of each person in your group the smart play is usually to take the first trash pack alone due to the throwing around that Iron Tide Enforcers do, than pull the three pack pictured to pack number two pictured, for good cleave damage. Shown Below.

You can also get into trouble pulling the Groups on the way to the arena. Knowing what you can handle helps you decide where you want to pull the Irontide Crusher patrol and remember you can always pull a pack away from others so you don't have to pull a patrol. If your group cant handle all the stuns and kicks in a group its usually safer to pull separate.

You can line of sight pull here after the first bridge. Grab the mobs and pull them along the right. This makes quick work or skipping accidental patrol pulls and more. This pull works for the dog the fox or the angry mob that changes week to week.

Side Paths

Finding ways to get around nasty trash pulls is important in here too. There are a couple ways to pull so you can skip trash you don't need to deal with. One is the pull to the first boss room. If your doing this dungeon under a 10 you cant use a obelisk to skip. So pulling to the right instead of the left down the main path. Line of Sight the pack on the right behind the pillar. Be sure to watch the pats before barreling in though. Wait for the patrol to be far enough so your entire group can make it through.

You can side path to the right of the first bridge where i suggested you line of sight pull the mobs before. This makes for easy skipping if you don't want to pull the whole room. Just pull what you need for count and move on.

Pulling towards the dock and around the side is a lot safer than dealing with all the patrols on the way to the arena.

You can also path along the edge of the cliff in last boss area so as to avoid the last to trash pulls and head over to the safe area on side of cliff to pull the last boss.

Peripherals vision

Watch your A.O.E.(area of effect)spells and aim your face where its safe to have a corruption go off in front of you. You can end up pulling the patrol below on the docks, or the group ahead of you.

Role Play

There is a bit of role play that can be skipped in this dungeon. You can do the dog pull by chasing the dog around than disappearing.You can also stealth chase the dog so you don't have to deal with the adds at all. It does take some finesse but if you can pull it off its a lot of time saved.

You can also start the arena pull early by having a stealther go start it and come back. This makes it easier for you to catch the pig much quicker as well. Since by the time you get back the pig is stationary. If you all time your click you can get click the pig at the same time. This gets him instantly.

If you don't have a stealther you can also save time by pulling count from around the arena while the Role Play goes. Than click the pig all together from there.


Skycap'n Kragg

Once you pull the mobs in front of nest Kragg becomes active. This means leaving the nest even if the bird pushes you out with charge can reset the boss. This is one of the most frustrating things so be sure you stay away from these areas when fighting him.


If you stand above the arena on the captains boss you can stand out of harms way for Captain Eudora's Grape Shot. Your tank needs to keep the boss near you and you must be quick to move for some A.O.E.(Area of Effect) that will still spawn on you. This is helpful for healers and range who have trouble moving and casting. I recommend only letting one person stand here at a time. Its tricky to pull off but it might work for you. Do not use this spot if there is no Captain Eudora up. It makes it difficult for the group to deal with mechanics like Keg.

Turtle and Sharkpuncher

When you fight the bosses in the arena of booty. It is really easy to get thrown out or run/back out of the arena and reset the boss'. Stay within the walls and be sure to stay away from the walls as well. Getting to close to the walls causes the watchers to throw rotted food at you. It really does hurt and it can make or brake a death in the arena of booty.

Harlan Sweete

Now I know this sound and looks complicated. But its really simple. Since you pulled all pulled all the way to the corner on this cliff you can put your booty up against the fencing and when Harlan throws out his push back you will stay in place. This also helps when you get targeted with the explosion. Move when targeted strait back away so the fire makes a line only on once side of the patio and back. Than switch sides. If your entire group stays stacked close by when you all are targeted you do the same thing as a group. So that all the fire drops only on one side again and switch again. If you stay really close to the sides you can even use the middle. This way no one pulls extra and no wasted time chasing the boss around. You will still need to blow up kite or cc the exploding adds that come in though. So watch our for them. Just being calculated about where you all drop your fire will help keep you alive through this boss pull.


The obelisk boss on the way to last boss can be snapped. This is good to know so you can avoid the nasty separation of the group for heals and pull from the obelisk over the bridge and to the last boss room. This will also pull the mobs that come with it so you can all stay together for heals.

EDIT: I found another Snap point during Freehold for the first obelisk. It can help speed up your process. If you take the bottom path and go up the stairs at the top of the stairs there is a spot you can hop on to snap the mobs to you.

Note Worthy

I don't know who's bright idea it was to put target dummies in a dungeon but, the target dummy's can be targeted and keep you in combat. Unless you want to pad your numbers for the boss fight, Id avoid them like the plague.

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