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Get Your Maw Mounts!

It's now time to go into the maw. Yes that dreaded place where you feel like your back in classic. Walking Everywhere. There are a couple ways to get a mount if you're not a cheater druid like my raid leader. Cough Cassa Cough. Yeah I'm pretty jelly of those quests and herb snatchers.

First mount isnt permanent.You can kill the guards riding a mount around in the maw. After they die their mount is there to use for a bit. It eventually goes away but it's a quick taxi to the next destination for sure.

Next you can do the weekly Area event called Hunt:Shade Hounds. This is an area quest in the beastwardens of the maw. It's not always up but there is a timer on wowhead.com to show you all of the different hunts and when the next will be up. You can even get an achievement for doing all 4. The Shadhounds hunt has a chance to drop a mount that can be used in the maw called Mawsworn Soul Hunter. So make sure whenever this is up you go do it for your chance.

Last way is a little more time consuming. You have to do all 8 levels of the Twisting Corridors. I am on level 6 tonight and it has been a journey so far. You do get pets and toys and such along the way though. At the end you get a mount that also works in the maw.

Both the mounts work on all your toons once you have it. You can also complete the levels on whichever toons you want. Good luck out there in the maw. It's a scary place.

Next week we discuss Shaman Pvp.Be Kind and forgiving to each other out there. You never know what someone is going though. Thanks for listening and see you all next week!

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