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Getting Shadowlands Holiday Hats

This week in honor of the holidays I wanted to let you know you can get festive with it and get yourself a green or red winter veil hat depending on the color they are wearing. The bosses in dungeons, torghost, and raid drop them. The best part is seeing SIre Dinathrious himself with his triple holiday hat on. Even dead he looks ADORABLE with his three hats on...dawww, He’s so gosh darn festive! No but really it's really cool seeing all the triple and double hats this year. That's a new thing.

Since we mentioned the raid the bosses that can drop the hats are…

-Council of Blood


The dungeon bosses are:

-Devos in Spires of Ascension

-Globgrog in Plaguefall

Torgast bosses are:

All the bosses in the tower of the damned (Even the holograms showing them on level 3 have hats!)

Hope you get into the spirit and get a hold of one this year. We all wanna look festive for our holidays runs...ewww that sounded awful. Like you got some bad ham...anyway. Hope this actually helps and doesn't give you the runs. Happy Holidays<3 virtually give everyone love this season its gonna be a rough one.

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