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Harm and No Harm Macros

This week I was tipped off by another healer after getting back into healing. He uses mouseovers Macros like me and He gave me a macro to add to mine to make going between heals & dps a lot faster. No harm and harm macros will make your heals dps, when your mousing over enemies and heals when your mousing over friendlies. It works for health bars and the physical npc/meeple/avatar whatever you wanna call them…

I will have them listed on here so you can see my shamans or replace the spell for your own on your healer. I'm also slowly uploading them for each class to my website.

The idea is your spell button, For example, hot Riptide is also the dot Flame shock. Chain heal is also chain lighting and so on. You should make the dps the same numbers as if you were playing dps and use your muscle memory.

This way all you have to do is remember that when you're on a friendly your casting heal rotation and on an enemy you're casting your dps rotation.

The coolest part is when you are mousing over the enemy all the spells on your bar will change due to the show tool tip part of the macro. Just like when you go kitty on a druid and your bar changes. But only your spells you macro-ed change for this. This cuts down on down time between D.P.S. and heals so much.

I only made 4 so far. I may add some more in later but I wanted to get used to these first. I fell off my bike way too hard not using training wheels to start one too many times. So now I do a little at a time to train my brain.

If you have any questions you know you can always hit me up on twitter @luvsweetcharity , that's love with a l. u. v. You can also get me on the lion pride discord as well as my live stream on twitch @ twitch.tv/lovesweetcharity spelled correctly.

I hope this helps you get that dps off faster. Or heals off faster if your a dps. Every little bit helps in bettering your team in mythics, raids and PVP.Sometimes the smallest heal getting off or dps hitting the boss will make or break a win.

I wanna thank everyone for their support. I finally made Affiliate so we are one step closer to stream teaming and I can finally have subs! I'm so thankful to everyone following me. I hope you all keep watching. Thanks so much and See you all next week.

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