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Hunter Tame Dragon Requirements

Updated: 6 days ago

Its so exciting to hear that hunters can tame cloud serpents in Shadowlands. These serpents can be found all over Pandaria such as Rei Lun, Hulan, Tsolong, and Nalak. But what I guess you don't know like I didn't, is if you don't have Order of The Cloud Serpent Exalted on your hunter, you wont be able to. Since we are two months out now is a good time to finish that grind if you haven't done it already.

It's a fun grind though you will start out with an egg that you will raise doing dailies. These dailies include feeding, caring for and racing your dragons.

Once you get exalted you can get the book called How to School Your Serpent from the quartermaster in Pandaria.

If you have never done it you will also be able to get three mounts out of it. Reins of the Jade, Azure and Golden Cloud Serpent.

Hunters will have increased stables as well so we can tame these beauties to our hearts content.

Hope this gets you ahead of the game for your tame in shadow lands. Thanks and see you all next week.

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