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Installing Addons Manually and New Addon Apps

You're also most likely wondering what the heck is going on with addons. If by now you haven't fixed it you may want to know Overwolf, has acquired Twitch’s CurseForge assets to Addons. On November the 17th Twitch will no longer have access to this feature. Overwolf and Wowup are the two apps working still for all Addons including Cursefoge. I won't be telling you which to use its all up to opinion. You do need to use one of them though. Twitch already isnt getting the addon updates it needs. That may be part of your problem alone.

I also wanted to point out that you should update for shadowlands versions if possible. So far having the original updated and the Shadowlands version updated has worked for me in some cases. For example when using details I have “details damage meter” updated and “details damage meter shadowlands” both.(shown below) After making a new window and deleting the old one my meter finally worked. But if I didn't run both it didn't work. Just something to try if you're running into trouble. Not all of them have a Shadowlands version though and may just need an update.

Its important that you know you can also go straight to the source. You dont need a 3rd party app of any kind to get addons. It just stream lines it so you dont mess it up or have to go through the process manually.

To do this, You can go to where ever you get your addons such as CurseForge, download the addons you want.

Now open the zipped file and cut/copy the addon in it, If its zipped. Otherwise just cut/copy and paste the file or files themselves. I usually use copy just in case I mess up in between and than loose my cut. I can always go back and copy again.

Go to "file explorer" Find the file you ran World of Warcraft out of when you installed. Usually Programs Files or For Some Programs files(x86).

Now click on “world of warcraft”

Pick the version you want, for most, it would be “retail” but you may be doing it for your beta or Classic Wow Client.

Click ”interface”

Than Click“addons” Here is where you will find all your addons folders.

This is where you would place your addon you want to add.

Right click in here and paste the addon folders here.

If it asks, “replace the files in destination”, it is okay to say yes. The reason for this is because you are putting in the updated version and getting rid of the old one.

Be sure you place into the Addons folder and not into another addons folder. Otherwise you could compromise both addons and neither will work.

I hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to email me at lovesweetcharity@gmail.com. Thanks All have a great week.

Now```````````````````` open the zipped file and cut or copy the addon in it, If its zipped. Otherwise just cut` and copy the file or files themselves.

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