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Ivory Cloud Serpent Guide

This mount makes me feel like i have that rose gold clutch mount when i see it. I just wish it didn't wriggle so much when i rode it. Here how to get your Ivory Cloud Serpent.

To Get your serpent you are first going to need the "Zan-Tien Lasso." The lasso drops off the Mogu from the Mogu assaults in Pandaria. Its a rare drop and there are lots of Looking for group party farming them. So that may be a way to get them. So when the mogu assault shown here...

Be sure to go farm it up. Now this is also the only time the Mount is tamable once you get the lasso. So when the map looks like this you want to fly above the spawn location shown below and use a macro to target and maybe even catch your cloud serpent if your lucky enough. The re-spawn time is 1-2 hours.


/tar Ivory Cloud Serpent

/use Zan-Tien Lasso

You will want to hover over the spot shown high enough above the tree line shown so you don't get the de-buff from the worms above but high enough that you can target and catch up with the dragon.

Make sure you have your map set to highlight your target so you can follow him on your mini map because he is fast and if you get him targeted and miss the tame, you will have to get all the way in front of him to try again. You can tame while mounted but the lasso does have a range. So when he spawns if you miss follow until you are just in front i recommend staying inside so you dont hit any phasing from the walls till you get in front of him. Just like car racing the inner wall is always faster so you can get ahead of him if you stay inside. (My kid makes me watch Disney's Cars a lot.)

Use your macro or the lasso again when you are just in front of his nose and you should get your mount. He does a loop and a half and de-spawns around temple where the weekly world boss is. Be sure to catch him before than or your in for another hour to two hour wait. Also there is competition so if someone else catches him he will de-spawn as well. You can however catch him at the same time as others. But that would require some coronation or one of you will of coarse miss out.

If you have any questions let me know and see you all real soon with another tip of the week.

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