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Jenafur is a fluffy, okay really fluffy kitty battle companion. She has old god abilities and is said to whisper scary things to you. She is obtainable through her secret story line. Simular to the Una and B’aal quest lines. It can be done in a 5 man group you just have to be cordinated and know who's doing what.


To start, head to Ashenvale to a NPC by the name of Amara Lunastar (/way 17.29 49.39) Speak with her and go through her dialog.

Elwynn Forest

Now head to Elwynn Forest and find the Crazy Cat Lady, Donni Anthonia (/way 44.2, 53.4) Click the Empty dish on the floor in the north east corner of the room and get the pop up describing the dish.

Return to Kara

Head to Karazan. The Instance not the raid. Go into the instance and head to the opera. Kill the opera boss slowly so it doesn't bug out the next part. Clear all the way up to and including the Audience, the Banquet hall, halls leading to Maiden and Marose. These rooms all hold the food you will be walking back and forth picking up. Do not pick up the food until you are ready for the next part.

Set Up

Make a Target macro for Jenafur (/tar Jenafur) so you can find her. Make sure your sound is on so that if you get the next part correct you can hear her come out. Also make sure you have enough bag slots for the food you will be carrying. The food does not stack.

Mark Your Plan

Now that it's clear and your set up, mark the food you need to pick up according to the map so you know where you get them and where you are taking them. The food will disappear from your bag after five minutes so it is important if you pick up more than one that you get them in place before they go away. We put color markers on the food and assigned each of us to two foods since there were four of us. We just had to know where we were putting our food.

Place The Food

The images show the placement of each of the foods. Place them in the middle of the square grid they belong to within the 5 min timer.


If this is done correctly after a few seconds a couple notes will start to play and Jenafur will walk out. Use your macro when you hear the music and you can click her. Ta DA!

Special Thanks to wow head for their grids and to Mirma, Phormere and Nacola for coming along and helping.

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