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Logs and Wow Analyzer

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Some of you may know that you can look at your raid logs to see what you are doing and how you can perform better on your DPS and healing. We are lucky enough to have someone that records them every night for us. It is really helpful.

The problem is It's really hard to look at those and really see how you could be doing better. Like trying to read something in another language at times. I mean I don't know about you but i can't read elvish. Well maybe you can. But i can't

Wow Analyzer is a tool that breaks down and looks at what you're doing and tells you what you should be doing. Buttons you missed, cool downs your not using and more.

It's like a shiny elvish translator so you can fix what your doing wrong. And not just ask an elf where the bathroom is. I will post links to raid logs and wow analyzer so you can copy paste your raid logs into wow analyzer and heal like a champ.

This also helps you look at others when you see they are out performing you. Now you don't have to ask what they are doing. You just check the logs and see. No awkward conversations for all the shy peeps out there. “Um Hi um can you um pls um…..” yeah.. that

And that’s another splash into heals..

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