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Looking For Elv Ui Help

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

So I am making this post to find someone that can help me locate the settings that make my bars do this. Under my map for the addons. ProjectAzilroka was not installed till recently to see if it would help. But I did install it to see it does put the Blizzard buttons in the bottom bar as you can see pictured.

I cannnot locate the setting to be sure this happens on all my characters. It makes it hard to see and read the addon buttons when they are on my map and I prefer the bar.

The picture below is how it is doing it usually. The bottons are not on a bar below but on the map.

I disabled the ProjectAzilroka here to show the diffrance. It still puts all addons on map and all the blizzard settings as well. Since thats what its purpose is.

If you can find where the setting was moved so I can set this to all of my characters let me know. I tried copying profile but it still dosnt work. I have not found it where it use to be in the Mini map buttons settings or the Data bars settings. Thanks you

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