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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

This is a explanation of tips and paths my group uses to get us through our 15's. My hope is that sharing what we learned may help you get through yours. It also assumes you have run it before and know the basics.


Be sure you look and see where HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit is when you walk in. Depending on where he is will depend where you go first. Example below is over Bondo's Yard. To avoid the massive A.O.E. and extra bots he spawns do not go in the areas on your map showing the moving Unit. Once a boss is defeated this unit will move. So be sure to avoid its path as well on its way, to usually the boss you just killed.

This is the best pathing we have found for the obelisks(Above). Of coarse every group is different and you might find something that suits your group better. We make sure to snap where we can on the places shown in a snap section. This way we can get them there as fast as possible. Remember there are a lot of side paths that we use so we don't pull any thing on our way when we are not in an obelisk as well. (Shown Below)


The bots in the area give you three different buffs that will not stack. They last two hours and do not persist through death. So if you die you gotta find another one. Usually there is plenty for the whole group to get them though. They are really helpful and you should try and get a full set on every person in group. They will be in some shady area and hidden places such as the pipe shown here.

My group uses a week aura to track who has what and who needs what. Use this link if you would like to try it. (https://wago.io/u15a4gykT/1) Just copy paste that link without the parenthesis of coarse to your import now weak aura.

Grease Bot

Shock Bot-

Welding Bot-

Here are most of the locations for these bots. Green for Welding, Blue For shock and Red for the grease.

Notable Trash

There is so much bad trash in this dungeon. You can avoid most all the bad if you know how to control the trash.

Heavy ScrapBot

This trash will put smoke that will line of sight anything in it. This means no heals if your in it and it means no damage if the bots are in it. Be sure you move them out of the smoke. They will spin A.O.E. just avoid this. They will also repair and heal up. Plan ahead of pull who will interrupt/kick which bot so you don't have to take longer than needed to kill them.

Malfuntioning Scrapbot

This trash will do the Spin A.O.E. Just avoid this. They will also use smoke. Pull them out of the smoke to kill them and avoid standing in it yourself so you can be healed.

Scrapbone Grunter

This trash will certainly put a tank on edge. But don't worry. They have no threat table and will just bounce about hitting the group. So be sure to have some A.O.E. (area of effect) heals going on these such as chain heal.

Scrapbone Bully

This trash has a nasty frontal. Never stand in front of it. When it is about to go out you can avoid it as the tank. This also means you can bait it. So be sure you point him where it is safe to go out. They also have an enrage you can purge.

Scrapbone Shaman

This trash wouldn't be so bad because they mostly just root you in place. The kicker is if your rooted and the other trash does a ground effect or a frontal you cant move. So you probably want to take these out as soon as possible.

Scrapbone Grinder

This trash has a enrage that can be soothed or purged so that less damage goes out. They also do pretty bad damage to the tank with their skullcracker.

Mechagon Troopers

This trash uses nanoslicer that does a stacking debuff to the tank or melee. So be sure to kill it before you cant heal anymore.

Scrapbone Trashtosser

This trash will throw bombs and occasionally jump away from you. When pulling them be sure you are a good length away from other trash you don't want to pull so they don't jump to close to another pack and sympathy pull or you don't pull trying to hit them.

Piston Blaster

These guys also like range and run. They will actually run pretty far too. They will end up pulling other trash if you get to close. So do your best to get range on them right away. They can be C.C.(Crowed controlled) and stunned though. Even though that is a lot on its own they will also throw grenades at you. So watch out for that under your feet.

Mechagon Calvary

This trash is one of the most deadly in here. It will charge to a target and than start using rapid fire in a circle. Get behind him and stay behind him as he turns. It can one shot you.

PistonHead Scrapper

This is notable because pulling to much with these can really hurt your tanks. They put out a debuff that is called sledge hammer. It is a massive armor reduction. So watch what you pull.

PistonHead Mechanics

This trash should be interrupted/stunned/kicked so they don't give all the bots overclock. This is a pretty bad haste buff. Its notable if you have a mage in the group your can also spell steal this buff and use it for yourself. Just when you thought that was enough they will repair and heal. So be sure you get rid of this with a stun/kick/interrupt as well.

Weaponizing Crawler

This trash will do a massive A.O.E. damage on the group when its electric top is lit up. Be ready with some good A.O.E. heals for this. They will also target someone and use scrap canon on them. So watch who takes this to get some spot heals on them.


This trash can B.O.R.K. you. You heard it right. Any player that is hit with this takes damage and has their Haste and movement speed reduced by 50%. Yeah B.O.R.K.ed all right. They also do some notable damage to the tank with metallic jaws.

Mechagon Renormalizers

This trash will require multiple kicks to deal with.They will alternate between casting Enlarge and Shrink. If Enlarge is successfully cast, it increases the health and damage of the target by 100%. It can be removed by a Magic Purge. If Shrink is successfully cast, that player will deal 99% less damage and healing. Shrink can be removed by a Magic Dispel. Shrunk players can be stepped on by other players, causing them to take near-fatal damage. But awww look at tiny Cassa! So cute!

Anodized Coilbearers

Keep these inturrupted/Kicked. At low health they will defensive countermeasure. This will put up a shield and absorb damage.

Toxic Lurckers

This trash casts a smogg that will put a pretty long stun on anyone in it. Be sure you interrupt/kick them.

Slime Elementals

This trash will do a charge and a player doing high damage. This can be rooted and stunned so they don't do it. The casts they put out can also be interrupted/kicked.

Toxic Monstrosity

This trash has two abilities:Toxic Tendrils and Consume.Toxic Tendrils is cast that will pull all players to the center of the Toxic Monstrosity. It will then cast Consume. This creates a zone of Consuming Slime that will get bigger, dealing damage and applying a healing reduction to any player hit. This can be removed using a Disease Dispel. Be sure you start running away the second that you are gripped in by Toxic Tendrils. Don't play chicken with him. Stand close to the Toxic Monstrosity. If your to far it will take longer to get gripped in by Toxic Tendrils. So you will have less time to run out of Consuming Slime. If you have a forced movement abilities such as Disengage or Wild Charge you can use these on the pull.


Since there is junk everywhere in here, there are a lot of places that can snap. Here are a few we have found.

This one works well for the second obelisk in the slime trash area on the map.

This one is a wonky one but it works to snap the obelisk trash to you. Even the regular trash can be snapped here. It requires you to be jumping between these slats though. It is located between the last obelisk entrance and the last boss entrance. So it can help you get the there quicker.

And here are a few we haven't tried yet but pretty sure they work on the obelisks due to the large hit box that the obelisk mobs put out. I will post as soon as we know more about them. If you have any let me know.


King Gobbamak

The best strat for this boss is to put a color on every spring and assign a person to each spring including the tank for the bot. Just let your group know to find their color going in. If they miss call out the color they got instead so the person that has one can go there instead. This is super effective. Also its good to remember that the push back comes from the tank. Not he boss so stack on the tank and not the boss for the best push back. If you aim your back the way your color is you will get there a lot faster as well.

Trixie and Naeno

These two are pretty strait forward. Just remember to stand in smoke only long enough to not get damaged and get out as soon as you can or you can line of sight your healer and die as well. You can kick/interrupt Trixie's taze as well. Which should be done as often as possible. Planning a rotation is helpful.


Avoid green puddles at almost any cost. Always help your friends and the bots out of the glops before going back to boss. You can out range the toxic wave but don't plan on being healed while out there.

H-K8 Ariel Oppression Unit

After the tank buster does his three area of effects on the floor he will soon cast Wreck on the tank. This increases damage taken. Its important to use a cool down for this as a tank. It can really "wreck" you as its called.(tee hee). You can also slow trap stun the bots that he casts out on everyone. This can really help when there is just to much going on on the floor in this room. Color coding each side of the room is helpful to do at the beginning so you can make a call on which side you will be going after the tank buster goes down for the relay.

-During the relay it is good to remember that any leap or jump abilities including well jump can jump over the spinning relay. Is also worth mentioning that you can save a ton of time running back around to avoid the bots (shown in red below) at the top while casting on the overcharge station to shut it down, if you just wait for the charge to stop and quickly run around the other way (shown in blue) from the bot shown below.

I recommend heroism/bloodlust for the end of phase two where you have brought the unit down. But cast it once everyone has made it to the ground to hit it. Eventually you will get him in one round and you wont have to waist time with another round of tank buster.

Worth Mentioning

Avoiding pulling into other trash mobs is ruff in here but it is possible. Make sure to make use of places like this cave and paths where there is no trash.

`Thanks again to my Raid leader Cassà and to Noggie for Mythic Dungeon Tools. I recommend picking them up for all your mythic plus'. They will help you track and plan your next move and your trash count on top of tell you where everything is in the dungeon with details

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