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MechanoCats and Colors

So while in Mechagon you probably already have found Mr. Pascal-K1N6 and started making all his fun thing. One of the things that will eventually be available to make is a mount called the Mechanocat Laser Pointer. 1. FIrst you will need to gather 2000 spare parts, 5 Energy Cells and 4 Chain Ignitercoils. These all come from mobs, rares and chests on the island. 2. So next make sure you go talk to Cork Stuttgaurd @ /Way 63.34, 42.92 in Bondo’s Yard. You need to buy the blueprint because it will show in your make menu even without it but it will not let you make it. Note where this guy is because you will be coming back here to turn your colors into his friends nearby. Learn your blueprint than make your kitty. It will be Grey or Metal colored. 3. Now it's time to start collecting those colors. Your First one is Paint Vial: Big-ol Bronze and it drops off The rare Rumblerocks @/way 38.32, 53.36 in a cave in Toothy Shallows. 4. Next one is Paint Vial:Mechogon Gold and it comes from an Armored Vaultbot. He roams around Fleeting forest and Bondos Yard. 5. Paint Vial: lemonade Steel drops off The Scrap king @ /way 72.29,50.05 @ the heaps or Oxidized Leachbeast in Junkwatt Depot when its raining you kill leachates to spawn him. 6. Paint Vial:Overload Orange is from the Fungarian Furor or Crazed Trogg Rare. The Fungarian Furor is a rare that only can be summoned on the day that the Daily “Aid From Nordrassil” is up. Use your green slime for the trees on the small white mushrooms laying about in the same area as the trees and eventually he will spawn from one of them. 7. The Paint Via:l Fel Mint Green also comes from the Crazed Trogg who is at Sparkweaver point @/way 82.55, 20.78 The Paint Vial: Fireball Red comes from Mechanized chest which is any chest on the island and once again Crazed Trogg. 8. The Paint Vial Copper Trim is from the Recycling Requisition which is a reclamation Drill rig event or daily quest in junkwatt depot. 9. Once you have all these you will get the Achievement and get your last color. Blue! All of these get turned in as quests to the Machines in Bondos Yard near Cork Stuttgaurd. Good luck comment with pics of you and your favorite color Mechanocat here. I would love to see them.

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