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Mrrl's Trade Game to Get Crimson Tidestallion

1. Quest to find Mrrl. This quest is @ 48.2,45.2 just type /way 48.2, 45.2 for those of you with tom tom.

2. Complete Mrrls quest "A Safer Place" and "No backs" 3. Get the Back piece, Azsh’ari Stormsurger Cape. This comes from the Benthic armor trader. Artisan Itanu for alliance @ /way 37.8, 55.6 and Finder Palta for horde @ /way 49.16, 62.14. This can be obtained from the Benthic cloaks random generation, after you open mrrls quests. It does cost 5 prismatic mana pearls a piece though. Most have said they got it after buying about 2 Benthic Cloaks. But it took me 9 so good luck. This cape allows you to trade with the murlocs on island. 4. Complete Murlocos Event to get his Hungry Harold's Tentacle Taco: In Murloco’s Hideaway @ /way 45.5, 32.7 in Nazjatar. You have to wait for the event to be up where you free him from naga that have him caged. Once you do he is a vendor that sells the taco and other items for only 5 minutes. Make sure you are wearing cloak to see items. I did the even by looking in L.F.R. and typing in Murloco till a server that had it up popped up. 5. Now for the hard part. The Crimson Tidestallion mount is only up 2-4 days a month on Mrrls vendor. So you have to check it daily once you are wearing your cloak. 6. When its up, it’s game on baby. Time to Trade!! All it takes is the taco, some time and some gold. All his buddies in town have all the parts. You get to run around to each of Mrrls buddies and trade back and forth till you have all the items you need. I will post the quickest guide to this here (pictured) from our friendly wowhead. As well as a macro so you can target all the vendors in town and find them,..easy like. There are weak auras available but if you use the guide I list you shouldn't have any problems. Remember you can't go back to it if you don't finish. So make time for it. All the items expire daily, except for the taco. Good luck. If you get yours comment on this post with some pics. I'd love to see you on yours! **Macro: Macro for Murloc Locations: /tar Mrrl /script SetRaidTarget("target",8) /tar Mrrglrlr /script SetRaidTarget("target",7) /tar Grrmrlg /script SetRaidTarget("target",6) /tar Flrgrrl /script SetRaidTarget("target",5) /tar Hurlgrl /script SetRaidTarget("target",4) *note: keep macro on your bar. if you are to far from one it will go away. if you click the macro again it will show the correct vendor again.

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