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7th Legion Metals and Mount Earning

This week's tip is about some ways to grind up those 7th legion service medals to get your Priestess Moon Sabers for alliance or Honorbound for your bloodthirsty Dreadwing for horde. There are other things you can get but these are some of the higher priced ones..

-Warfront Queue when they are available for Darkshore or Stormguard. The first win when it comes up gives you 15 service medals for doing the quest, Each. So make sure you watch for them when they come up.

-Darkshore and Arathi world quest gives you 1 service metal per quest when your faction owns them.

-There are Faction Assaults. They only last about 5 hours so watch your world map for them. They can pop up on both contents of BFA for horde and alliance. You get 5 service medals per assault on completing the final quest every time you do them. If you really wanna push it you can look up the next few assaults coming up on Wowhead and set reminders on your phone for the ones you can make.

-Lastly, Every time you finish a 7th legion or Honorbound Paragon rep you get a chest that gives 20 more metals. All of the things I just talked about give you that rep as well as doing every assault and 7th legion or honor-bound world quest when they are up. Depending on how devoted you are will get you those metals pretty quick. You can even cheese it more by doing some things.

----Use your rep buff from Darkmoon and holidays. The rep bonus out is only a couple more days so I wouldn't count on that unless they decide to extend it

----You can get honor-bound or 7th legion contracts now from inscription or auction house. Do your world quests and emissaries while it's active

----Your weekly islands can give you rusted alliance and horde insignias for 250 rep and give you 15 hundred rep every week.

---- It’s a couple hundred rep for war table dailies.

----Finish your war campaign quest line they give you rep

--- Contribute to the waterfront for rep.

----The last thing you can do is do allllll yes all the world quest every day on top of all those things while running your contracts. But that's if you are completely nutty and absolutely need it now. Because that's a lot of work.

Something to Remember though getting the honor-bound will not give you the 7th legion and vice versa. You can only use each faction mount on each faction as well. Because it's about representing the fraction of course ...duh.

Good luck getting your mounts. I will be starting on this myself that's why I brought it up. I need a pretty kitty. For more tips check out past tips on the lion's pride tavern Facebook. You can also follow me on www.twitch.tv/lovesweetcharity on twitch for more content. We are working to get a Partner now so we can finally stream together. So any subs or follows help. Thanks a lot for listening and see you all next week

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