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Operation Mechagon Workshop

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Just when you thought you were done with Mechagon there is a whole other half. This one is indoors though. I love that you can see the entire city when your flying through the air and that you literally have to go through tubes to get in to places. You really feel as if your infiltrating the place. Plus the last boss is certainly one of the most epic fights in a dungeon. It really feels like a mini raid in Mechagon. This guide is a tips guide that assumes you have done this dungeon and get the basics of it. Its meant to help you get that edge to get through your mythics and time them.


Below is the pathing we use to get our count for the most part and where we pull our obelisks.

To save time it is worth noting that you can skip an obelisk like slime to do it with last boss. Make sure you prioritize the slime down before taking out the boss. It is a lot of extra damage and if you wipe you have to kill the slime again. But if you get it. It may save you a lot of time. Shown below.

Snap Points

There is a snap point for the obelisk between K.U.-J.O. and the Machinists Garden. If you book it down the hall and onto the trash bin shown here you can snap the obelisk there.

Line of Sight

Line of sight can be your friend or Foe! There are two kinds of ways to use line of sight. To get packs to come to you because they can no longer see you behind something and must travel to you to hit you. The other is to block incoming damage because it cant go through the wall. Sadly the second doesn't always work because NPCs are gods...apparently.

You can use it to your advantage in most dungeons. This works really well in workshop in particular for the Living Wastes trash mobs. You can block the explosion damage that the Living Wastes do when they hit 1HP by line of sighting behind the piping in the tunnel and at the end of the tunnel when they are about to die.This way you don't have to complicate staggering their deaths. Otherwise you will most likely be killed or need a whole lot of healing fast to live.

This also works for the mechanic on K.U.-J.O. when the box drops down. You can actually line of sight him and still hit him! WHAAATTTT?! Who knew. In these images you can see the placement It will take some tank dancing though. As soon as the boss drops the box you gotta move him so he is in place before the explosion right in front of the box, so that the D.P.S. can reach him from the corner. Just to be sure you should use a weak Aura to show you are still out of line of sight of his blast. You can copy paste this "https://wago.io/top3N1F_L" without the quotes into your weak auras to use it. This is important because its hard to tell when you hit him, if your still safe or not. I mean who doesn't love free damage. I know we do!

Tustle Tonks Trash

This trash has a lot to deal with because of all the chaos of the blades zipping around. So we like to stack them up and kill them with the hammer as quickly as possible. This takes some team work though since the Strider Tonks like to hop around to people and peck them in the freakin head. We pull um over stack under the hammer than move before it hits and

Slap dead! If done right you can take most of them out if not all of them. This saves a lot of time and deaths. You should of course interrupt the Bomb Tonks detonate while doing this. Making sure to mark them and assign people to kick and interrupt/kick them. You can also stun rocket barrage from the Rocket Tonks if you can keep up with it. But this will need to be done after they are in place under hammer otherwise they wont move into place.

Tustle Tonks

Making sure that you get three hits from the hammer to brake Platinum Pummelers Platinum Plating is very important. Since he take next to no damage having them on. Tanks should grab up the Platinum Pummeler and slowly take him to each hammer watching out for his spin attacks and mines on the way he does. Just kite him around being sure to stick to your healer when possible.

The rest of the group should be kiting away from Gnomercy 4.U. He isn't tanked as he just chases random people. He will cast high damage when chasing called Vent Jets. Healers should have A.O.E. healing cooldowns for this. DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF HIM. It is so important. This is pretty much a one shot in higher keys. If its on you just stay away and let your other D.P.S. hit him. Otherwise it is all about the dance of the dodge the saw wheels going around the room. I admit i am bad with these. You really have to move far from them to not get hit and they are very random.

Once Gnomercy is dead the rest of the group kills Pummeler. Wham bam thank you ma'am.

K.U.-J.O. Trash

The Waste Processing Units frontal be dodged because you can move out of their frontal as the tank once it starts. This cuts a lot of the frontal damage down. No one else should every stand in front of him and tanks should try to aim him away from the group. The A.O.E. on the ground Mega Drill should never be stood in.

The Junkhard Dogs will cast a dubuff called Flaming Refuse that should be dispelled as soon as possible otherwise the people with the debuff will take a lot of damage that eventually you wont be able to heal them all. This while dealing with the damage they do to the tanks called Metallic jaws can easily wipe your group. If you arn't the healer but can dispel. DO IT! As more than one person can end up with this debuff.

As discussed in the Line of sight discussion you can and should line of sight after you A.O.E. down the Living Wastes. There 1HP explosion is a one shot when they stack. Otherwise you will have to kill them one at a time and this seems more difficult than moving behind a pipe when they are about to die. The tank can do this to since they stand in place when they do it. Otherwise us a cool down to help with the damage.


This boss has that line of sight trick discussed in the line of sight column above to note. You should be very weary of the debuff Blazing Chomp on the tank as a healer. This is your number one priority as it does so much damage to the tanks that it can wipe the group very quickly. If you can remove it and help your healer you should. Dispell than heal or move. Stay away from boxes when your targeted with Explosive Leap and each other because if someone is hit with it twice they will die. Don't get hit by the already heated boxes that blow up from flame vents and stay out of the drop of for new boxes.

Trash Wave

Once you enter this room you will trigger a three wave mini boss fight.

You can stand in the spot shown below put a A.O.E. like Concencrate or Death and Decay down to pick up the two first adds and pull the others to you. This will help you control the room.

The first wave has 2 Mechagon Tinkers and 2 Guards. Tinkers cast a Giga-Wallop around them which inflicts pretty high damage. More importantly Tinkers throw squirrels that can one shot your group. You need to stay till they stop moving and either stun them to stop the explosion or move away to avoid it. If you move to soon for this you will just be chased. Our group is known for calling out Squirrel! Frantically like Doug from Disney's up so as not to get hit with it. Its pretty funny.

The guards just deal high damage to the tank. So keep H.O.T.s(heal over time) on them.

Wave 2 has 2 Defense Bot MK 1s and a Defense Bot Mk 3. Again the spot shown is a good one to A.O.E. than pull the other mob to you. Both these bots will use Arcing Zap. Arcing Zap is deadly and should be dispelled as soon as possible by everyone. Yes everyone. This will be cast on more than one person at a time. It gets really impossible to manage while keeping up with the other mechanics. Such as the A.O.E. short out from the Defense bot 3. Be sure to use your A.O.E. healing abilities for this. Since your entire group will be taking damage.

The last wave is the mini boss Blastaron X-80. You will want to angle your camera down in this fight to deal with the capacitor discharge that goes out in a pie around him to find the area that is safe. If done right you can range this. Tanks will have to pull him far away and melee will not like this but if your have quick melee or a full range group this is a good idea to take him out quickly. (Shown Below)

The Pulse Capacitor should be dodged so watch where he aims this. Otherwise you will be silenced. Otherwise just stay out of the Rocket Barrage on the ground.


The Detect Bots should be skipped with the obelisk. They take entirely to much time to get through. If your not doing a 10 or above make sure that when you do this you use the smoke to hide in between shifting through the bots so you don't get caught while planing your next move.

The large pack before the next boss is one of the nastiest pulls in here. Some groups choose to hero/lust this pack just to deal with them on fortified weeks. They have Mechanics that heal and should be kicked/interrupted. They also increase the the mobs around them with haste from overclock like in junkyard. Which means that the other mobs do more damage faster. This group has the squirrel throwing as well so get away from them or stun them. And they have shields that that the mobs must be kited out of to take damage and the group should stand in for the massive A.O.E. that goes out. Yes this pack should be always taken seriously.

Mechanist Garden Boss

So there are 5 major things to this boss. Which doesn't sound like a lot but as the fight goes on the room will fill up with more of them and at the same time. So the faster he dies the better. The first thing to pop is a Inconspicuous Plant. This will just shoot a random players with high damage until killed. Than it becomes a Oil Fountain. This is about the time the Hidden Flame Cannon decides to come out. They will come out from the middle and go around the room. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, get hit by this. It give you a debuff that stacks the more you get hit by it. It is the biggest damage causer in this fight. One is hard to heal through as it is, but once you have two it usually means someone is going to die.

Next Sparkplugs Disc-Comb Bomulator will throw out blue swirls on the ground that will stun for 9 sec. This means if the tank gets hit he isn't tanking the boss for 9 sec of death to your melee. This also means if your stunned you get hit with EVERYTHING! This can however get dispelled if you are quick. But you shouldn't be hit by it anyway, right?...right..

Last thing is the Cogs. Oh yes the lovely cogs. Now this is probably the least damage of all the things in the fight but if

your tripple cogged or cogged while debuffed or hit by something else etc. its over. There is a place on the stairs as range you can stand in to help avoid these. But as soon as the hidden cannons come out you have to move with the rest of the group again. It is also possible to get Line of sighted from your healer or group as the healer. So use the stairs cautiously. As the fight goes on the cogs do not despawn. Which means, yay!, more cogs do deal with too. Moral of the story. Kill him as fast as you can.

My advice is if you have to get hit by something always get hit by a cog. Avoid the rest and Avoid the Hidden Cannon at all costs.

King Mechagon Trash

The trash after the first boss is on a ramp. It is important for your group to know this does line of sight. So I recommend if you pull this commit up or down the ramp. The trash will be 1-3 Spider Tanks. Depending on the affix and/or level of the dungeon. The Spiders choose a random target and shoot Sonic Pulse that silences. So make sure you move if you want to cast at all for the next 8 seconds. Once dead you can take a ride to the next ramp.

This ramp is highly dangerous. The Last trash pack is the most volatile of the whole dungeon. It should be skipped on 10 and above, always. It will easily wipe the group and loose the timer. Not just once but multiple times.

The trash before it isn't so fun either. Its about as fun as the trash before the Garden boss. It has the squirrels the shields the A.O.E. and the Stuns and Interrupts/Kicks that need to go out. Just like that pack.If the pack wasn't hard enough to take on its own, two patrols like to come through and pull as well so be cautious and pull all the way back down the ramp.

I also want to point out that there is always someone, including myself who accidentally clicks the vehicle and flies back to the ramp before. Than you have to take that flight all the way back. In the middle of the fight. Not so helpful with time.

You can pull the the two pats together just be sure your healer has cooldowns to do it because of the high A.O.E. they put out to the group. Sometimes they patrol together and you have no choice anyway.

Now for the mother of all packs. So, Yes I know we forgot how to, but you need to C.C.(crowd control) in this pack if you cant skip it. So pull out your frog, sheep, paralyze, etc. out of your spell book and C.C. something dangerous. The Defense Bot MK 3 cannot be C.C. so it would be ideal to focus damage on one of the 2 defense bots to make the healers life easier and C.C. the rest. This packs got squirrels, shields, Stuns, Kicks/Interrupts and more of them. I feel like it was meant to take everything you learned in your journey here and make you deal with it. "Hero music starts to play." Make sure you pull them far enough so you don't brake your C.C. and Good luck..I will skip them every week from now on...

King Mechagon

This boss is definitely a mini Raid Boss. It is such an exciting fight and probably one of my favorites. There are three phases to this fight. But the last one is laughable. So really there are two to worry about. Before i go into the boss mechanics make sure you look at the room and note all the danger. It is a round room with holes. Yes you can fall down these holes. So jumping out of something, disengage, charge, etc. will kill you if you fall in.

First you fight him in his Ship the Ariel Unit R-21/X. In this phase he casts pulse blast at the tank. This is magic damage instead of melee damage. So any physical cooldowns will not save you. He will summon 4 plasma Orbs. These will never go away instead they will put out arrows around the room where they will be moving and zip to that spot. You can be hit If they hit you, you take damage and get knocked away. Its notable that on teranical weeks they also hit like Teranical bosses. So that's usually a one shot to some players.

In this phase King Mechagon will choose a player and Giga-Zap them as indicated by the arrow over your head. Do not aim this at others so you are the only one to take the debuff and damage from it.The debuff lasts 12 sec and must be healed through.

Lastly King Mechagon will decide to take off and cast cutting beam. This will chase someone down and put out a A.O.E. damage that must be healed through. So save a A.O.E. heal cooldown for this. Do not get caught under this. It can defiantly one shot you.

Next phase King Mechagons first Unit will brake and he will launch into his Omega Buster. Yes it is as epic as it sounds. The doors will open and you will stand there stunned waiting to fight him, again... The plasma orbs never left and will be constantly rolling around the room. Which makes the melee more dangerous, do to the cliff you are standing over to tank and hit him. You can and most certainly will at some point, fall of off this as melee. By accident or because of an orb smacking you.

You can use tricks like transcendence or leap if your super man fast. But mostly you will just die if you are knocked off. Its important to note that because of this it hard to stack melee on this fight. There is already so little room and if the tank walks to far away the melee is now tanking as well. (shown below)

He will now continue to cast giga-zap only it will be much wider and show the blast area on the floor. I recommend the person that has it doesn't move and everyone else does. If you do have to move call it out so your group knows to get to china from it. The debuff is deadly and can start killing you with all the other healing going on.

Because of this mechanic we like to decide where everyone will stand as a guide to start. Shown below with the colors. Just a quick call of melee right, range left for example will do.

Last he will take his Magneto-Arm and throw it in a random spot in the room. The plasma balls will get sucked in and you as well to this giant magnet. (So much for wearing leather and cloth, doesn't matter) A.O.E. healing is imperative on this and its important not to be hit by the balls as they get pulled in. If you are pulled in you are dead. Save your things like spirit walkers grace for this.

If you manage to survive all of this King Mechagon will be ejected from his Omega Blaster and you will just rip him apart till he dies. FINALLY!

Notable Trick

To enter the room after K.U.-J.O. there is a conveyor belt. This can be timer skipped easily if you do it correct by many moment abilities. Cat form cheetah Wolf form etc. Staying along the edges while risky can help you move faster as well. You can also warrior leap to the top or even disengage and land on this spot shown below. Than walk up the path shown. Than hit the button to help your group move along faster.


A big thanks to my group for letting me tank a 16 key while screen shoting in here. We really needed to do it with obelisks to get these shots. Group was Moss, Mellana, Cassa, Aloye(Me), and Joeda.

Also a big thanks to Noggie for Mythic Raid tools. Best Addon to download for planning your mythic keys.

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