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Original Burning Crusade Vs. Classic Burning Crusade

This week I wanted to talk about the differences between the original BC vs Classic.

First thing being the Boosts.

Boosts are for all the characters from classic original, not the Dreani or Blood Elves and a one time only per account.

We also will know what we didn't know then going in and it's easier to find answers in places such as wowhead & icy veins. This makes the game much more approachable. But there are new quests for level boosted toons as well. You're really not gonna get all of what you learned in 1 to 58 though because it won't be really enough to cover everything. You may want to help your friends that have never played before coming in.

Next is the mount and two toys that you can get that didn't exist before. A Hearth stone for buying the upgrade, the imp in a ball for the 6 month subs, and the level 30 and up mount for buying the upgrade.

In original BC you had to level to 60 at the launch of new races of burning crusade. But in classic you had 2 weeks or well...most would argue 13 days to get your Blood elves and Draenei to 60 for launch.

Content will also be released in phases instead of all at once. The dungeons and bosses will run on patches, with the pre-nerfs in place. Instead of the after nerf like in classic that made things easier to get through in classic. But the bug fixes in place of course.

Arenas will let you have more than 3 for 3v3, 2 for 2v2s to a team and so on. They are also thinking of making adjustments to the scaling calculations to make the system more modern.

Alliance Paladins received the spell Seal of Vengeance, and Horde paladins received Seal of Blood in original. Players quickly learned Seal of Blood was much better, so this time around, all Paladins will receive both seals, regardless of faction.

Blizzard is using sharding this time around. Since the technology exists and is helpful and lastly, the spell batching will be removed. This is how the game servers process the in game actions. The new pc’s didn't really need this, so blizzard removed it.

Even with all these changes it feels like a flash from the past going in. Let us know if you want an invite to our Burning Crusade guild. It's gonna be fun.

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