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Peripheral Vision

It's so important to Use your Peripheral vision before walking into a room or area. This is not only a life lesson but a mythic lesson. You could back into another trash pull or set something off. This includes Watching your A.O.E. (area of effect) spells and aiming your face where it's safe to have corruption go off. For example when on a bridge, over the docks or at other groups if you have twilight dev you may be asking for the entire downstairs or everything in front of you to pull.

In Tol'Dagor aiming at a wall could mean pulling the entire room on the other side of the wall and everything in its path too you. The packs also like to run. So if you don't make sure to lock down packs before a pull you will pull the whole room. Pre-prepare for the bad.

When every second counts you can't waste time wiping up.You could run your mana dry and waste time D.P.S.ing packs you didn't need and more, if you get through it at all.

So always be sure you pretend you're in the driver seat and be ready for anything bad that could happen. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for Karen over there on the phone to vear right into you because she isn't paying attention.

This is one reason it's so helpful to run things a lot before you try and do them on higher keys. This could even mean pulling a room over and over till you get it just right and know everything about the room. That way going in will be like riding a bike and you won't even notice the difficulty level.

I'm still working on Tol’Dagor for my Mythic tips guides. It should be up in the next couple weeks. I've been back loading all the tips I've done up to my site. Thanks for listening and see you all next week.

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