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Pro Active Healing

Being ready for what's to come. No I don't mean writing my list of things to do before the baby gets here. More so I am talking about knowing the fight hearing the call outs and having your trigger finger ready to do “Proactive healing” in raids.

Knowing that epistle is going to have a debuff that will do a lot of damage or knowing Laurali is about to get a push back, seeing that there is a D.O.T. (or damage over time) on Fafford. These are all things that proactive healing is there for. So if you know that this is about to happen your best friends are H.O.T.s(or heal over time heals).

When you see this instead of healing when the damage comes you can put a H.O.T. of some kind such as a Riptide for a shaman and keep focusing on your triage healing, keeping your A.O.E. heals on the floor and dancing out of the damage yourself. This gives the target with the H.O.T. more cusion for the pushen! So instead of panicking because they get slammed, the damage doesn't hit as hard and everyone has time to heal um up! This is also why it is so important for us to know the fights and not only our job but everyone's job. So we know the damage they might take.

So keep giving your raid Proactive Healing H.O.T.s listen to raid calls and keep those peeps alive.

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