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PVP Monk Tips

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Fighting as a monk is like fighting with a cloud. It's hard to get a hit on them. You are one the air around, letting your opponent use their own weight against them...okay so it's a game but that's how it feels right.

But Shadowlands Means Covenants?

Mistweaver- Venthir - This covenant has more crowd control and reduction interrupts for your spec. Eventually you can go down Nadjia’s tree and choose familiar predicaments which helps with C.C. duration.

WIndwalker-Kyrian-Weapons of Order is a 2 minute buff that lines up perfectly with our other cooldowns. The mastery buff and cooldown reduction allow WindWalkers to get in several extra Rising Sun Kicks during our burst


(These are just the meta and of course you can play others but this is what we suggest)


Death Knight

-Tiger's lust talent can be used on Chain of Ice.

-Against Unholy make sure you have a way to distinguish between his pets health bars and his, don't lose him in a sea of red bars.

-Detox his disease if you have down time, but it does cost a Global Cooldown so be careful when using it. Your burst cd should be their burst cd 1v1.

Demon Hunter

-They are going to try and one shot while you are stunned. You need to Touch of Karma The

Hunt ability and probably use Dampen harm too.

-If you can survive their HUNT opener and their Meta wears off then you win.

-Save ring, to knock them out of their Darkness.

-Blur is their major defensive so keep an eye out for it.


-Tiger's lust talent for Roots.

-Match their thorns with your karma or Paralyze them when they activate thorns.

-They will open from stealth so be ready for it. If you're playing against balance, you're probably going to be stunned then invoked on.

-Try to cc (crowd controlled) break the stun with the pvp trinket, or Human can use Will to survive racial and stop the invoke spirits, if you can but be ready to pop every defensive if you can't.


-Keefer’s Sky Reach legendary is very good against them, helps against kiting.

-Similar to Paladin, try to get them to use Turtle without using your big cds.

-Tigers lust their tar traps or binding shot


-Tiger's Lust Talent on Frost Nova

- Defuse magic is great against this class.Polymorph is annoying but it breaks if you take damage so try not to use a trinket to break it, it also does heal you during the duration.

-Ring them out of their rune of power.

-Combust is a very dangerous cd the mages have, but Diffuse Magic can reduce that damage by 60% and Karma can even turn it against them.


-Use Paralysis to cancel their Fist of Fury channel

-Storm Earth and Fire clones and Xuen can be cc'd so Leg sweep and Ring of peace can keep them off people.

-Watch out for their Touch of Karma. If your target karmas you, try to run away, don't kill your friends by attacking a monk that used Touch of Karma on them.


-Use roll and other movement abilities to run away when they have Wing up, try to use 1 charge of Storm Earth Fire to bait out their bubble.

-Xuen’s and Karma damage is nature, so it can go through the blessing of protection.


-Watch out for Mind Games debuff, have a way to track if it's on you. When it is just run for a bit don’t damage and don’t heal

-Their major defenses are Dispersion and Greater Fade, but they are fairly short.

-You can Spear Hand Strike to interrupt their Vampiric Touch


-Be ready to use a pvp trinket to break their stun.Make sure you break the stun and not the sap.

-If they open on you from stealth you NEED to use Dampen harm to live.

-Eye of the Tiger talent applies a DoT after tiger palm, this can help if they try to vanish. -Additionally if a rogue is kiting away, hit them with a jade lightning to keep them in combat. Them restealthing is bad for you.

-Their major defensive is Evasion. The 100% dodge chance might as well be an immunity, unless you can hit them in the back. Focus on maneuvering, either away from them or around them rather than blasting damage.


-You can use Grapple weapon pvp talent against Enhancement.

-Diffuse Magic the flameshock from Elemental.

-When playing against a Resto Shaman, ring of peace the SLT or earthen wall totem to make the cds less useful.


-Warlocks are going to kite you. You can try to stop them from setting up their gate, but that's a high risk high reward move since you have to basically run right at them when the match starts. Try to apply Disable over other Global Cooldown to keep them rooted.

-Place transcendence where they place their demonic portal, if they didn't take demonic portal place transcendence at one side of the gate and fight on the other.

-Keefers skyreach is nice to help against kiting.


-The grapple weapon pvp talent is great against them when they pop their damage cooldowns. -Tiger's Lust for hamstring is nice as well.

-Arms Warrior's Die by the Sword is basically an Immunity vs you. Run away or paralyze them when they use it.

Windwalker, Lets Dodge

As for Windwalker Monks, they are very bursty. Most of their kill potential is in their major cd’s such as: Invoke Xuen, Storm Earth and Fire, and whatever covenant ability is chosen. Against classes without an immunity monks are very strong

-When caught between a rock and hard place, a Ring can interrupt and push back enemies from you or your healer.

-Roll or Torpedo can get you behind a pillar to drink or to an ally to help them. WIthout any down time . Even to get to a ranged for a kick

-When in a pinch you can cast Dampen Harm to keep from dying or to hold out long enough for you to put out tons of damage.

-You can Transcend to a spot that is safe to L.O.S. (Line of sight) and drink. It can zip you near an ally like the healer for quick heals and defense. When fighting on the offense you can use it to catch an enemy on the other side of an arena. But Don't forget to reset it in a safe place once you use it. Otherwise you port to the last place you used the spell from.

-Leg sweep Is a form of interrupt that should always be used to stop casters from casting things that could destroy you or your team.The A.O.E. (area of effect) stun aspect is very nice for setting up kills. You can kick (spear hand strike) over LS for interrupt.

-Fortifying Brew is great to get you through in a pinch when you need to put out a lot of damage and not take a lot or you're very close to death.

-You can take advantage of Touch of Death by having a Weak Aura that tells you when a target is below the threshold to kill them with it.Remember in pvp it only works at 15 % health.

-You can remove Poisons and Diseases from you or your allies with Detox. As a Mistweaver you can go a step further and remove Magic. I recommend a weak aura, mouse over or decursive addon to give you quick notifications when this happens. Decersive will also give a warning if you will get a negative effect for taking it off such as a fear from a lock.

-Paralize can be used to keep an opponent at bay while taking down another or to just give you or your ally a couple seconds to heal, drink or even breath lol.

-Tiger's Lust talent,Chi-Ji and Niuzao’s Essence can be used to keep all movement impairment off you. TIger works on your friends too. He also heals your friends and you.

-As brew mast you can use the Gift of ox to roll throughout the room and heal with your orb and hop back in.

-As Brewmaster you can use Ox Statue to keep pets, demons and other controllable things on your statue and not your allies. As their healer I like to just hang out by them.

Did Someone Say Pvp Talents?

Avert Guard: can keep your allies from harm. This is great for keeping your healer/teammate safe when they decide to switch to them and put all damage on them. Then you can come in and take them down.

Alpha Tiger: is a must have, loads of haste for when you target swap for the kill.

Turbo Fist: is very strong against melee matchups to party their attacks while you use fist of fury

Reverse Harm makes Expel Harm deal more damage and generate Chi. This is crucial for increasing your survivability and making your rotation feel much smoother. Reverse Harm will be used to help build up Chi if you have previously used Tiger Palm and heal you for a good amount when you are being focused.

Reverse Harm: is a great healing option and a nice way to get some chi at the very start of the match.

Grapple Weapon: can be very useful against classes that have low duration buff CD’s (Cooldowns) like Warrior/Rogue

Tigers Eye Brew is good if you're against tanks.

Turbo Fists, should always be used against melee. It increases the damage of your Fists of Fury,and slows enemies hit by it and you Parry all attacks while it is channeling. This makes it so you can use Fists of Fury aggressively for DPS(Damage Per Second), and use it defensively to prevent some incoming damage and slow an entire team.

You can't Kill the Healer if you can’t catch the healer! Mistweaver Pvp

Mistweaver has just the same amount of Utility as a WindWalker, but can do damage while healing. Mistweavers are a very Versatile healer. They are mobile, have a lot of crowd control, and very high throughput. Their single target burst healing is very strong with Vivify when all their H.O.T.s (heal over times effects) are on the target. Soothing mist on the target allows for the instant cast of your next 2 Vivify or Enveloping Mists. Monks have such high mobility and the ability to avoid getting hit.

-Transcendence can be used to line your sight out of casts that are on you. Such as polymorph.

Below in two images. TikTik starts to Polymorph and Ant transends to line of site the Polymorph

-Mistweavers have access to Paralysis, Leg Sweep and Fortify brew just like the Windwalker and Brewmaster.

-Life Cocoon is an amazing external which absorbs 23k and increases healing over time effects by 50% and has a 2 min cooldown. It also scales off of your max hp. If you combine it with fortify brew, it increases the absorb. It can keep you or an ally alive in a pinch. It should be saved as a last resort. Calling when you need it or when you use it.

-Mistweavers have access to many healing as well as damage spells. Invoke Chi Ji the Red Crane is a very strong pvp talent as while he is active you're immune to movement impairing effects.

MistWeaver PVP Talents

Row 1: Most of the other talents are choice but for the most part you will want to take the ones that will provide damage. The first row should be Chi Wave or Chi Burst.

Row 2: should be Tiger's Lust always as it is so useful for you and your team.

Row 3: should be a choice as to what you want to use. I would recommend using Mana Tea, as it allows the reduction of mana cost by 50% for 10 seconds.

Row 4: Is also a choice as they are dependent as to the classes you are facing. Tiger Tail Sweep which increases the range on leg sweep. Song of Chi ji which can disorient, if they go through the mist. Of course a very popular option is Ring of Peace.

Row 5: Depends on your enemy's comp. Healing Elixir can be used for kyting, Diffuse Magic is very strong against magic damage with its 60% damage reduction. Dampen Harm doesn't provide the same potent protection, but it works against all forms of damage. The broad use of Dampen Harm makes it a good default choice ,and you can talent into the other two depending on the enemy team.

Row 6: If you want the passive healing of Jade serpent Statue on the target.This way you're always healing. You can use my Ants Favorite Chi Ji when the enemy team has very few C.C. (crowd control)

Row 7: should always be Focused Thunder which empowers your next 2 spells, instead of 1, after you use Thunder Focus Tea. This only has a 30 sec cooldown. The effect is dependent upon the ability you use next...

Enveloping Mist: Gives an Immediate for 4,780

Renewing Mist: Duration increased by 10 secs.

Vivify: No mana Cost

Rising Sun Kick: Cooldown reduced by 9 secs

Mistweaver PVP Talents Anyone?

Zen Focus Tea allows you to cast for 5 seconds. As you are immune to everything In this short time, Mistweaver Monks can usually heal their teammates to full health, which can be game-changing.

Refreshing Breeze. This talent essentially increases your healing throughput by 20%.

Counteract Magic allows you to cast renewing mist renewing mist with 135% mor effective has any sort of magic DoT, so a Priest, Warlock, Shaman, Druid, or Mage would allow this talent to excel.

Breamaster Who?

At this time unfortunately brewmaster is really not as popular as say prot paladin. It was hard to master with what they have been given this Expansion. If you have any tips on them let me know I can add it to this guide and name you! So we can get some brewmaster love.

Helpful PVP Addons

-GladiatorlosSA2: This addon will announce when crucial abilities are cast by your opponents

-Gladius or sArena: These addons are upgraded arena frames. They will show the cooldown on the pvp C.C. (crowd control) break trinkets of your enemy and a few other things.

-OmniBar: This addon is used to track the cooldowns on enemy abilities. You can customize it to show as many or as few different spells and abilities you want.

-Ability Team Tracker: This addon you can use to track your allies cooldowns. It’s always nice to know if your teammate has a defensive cooldown or C.C.(crowd control) available.

You can get these on Curse or on whatever addon platform you are using.

Weak Auras

You can download or create your own weakaura to display many different things (alerts, words, sounds, etc). For example: When you kill a Night Fae character, there is a weakaura that will put big red letter across your screen that says “Kill the Pod” You can get weak aura addon from Curse as well. You can also get a weak aura updater from Weak Auras Companion. Download more weak auras Wako.

Thanks so much to all my help on this guide. I had 4 exceptional helpers. Joada , Tiktik/Trap, and Ant. Look them up, they are spectacular players and I owe all of this guide to them.

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