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Rainbow Generator

This is how to get that lions pride toy we all use on the bosses for luck. The Rainbow Generator. We had a lot of people ask about it so her it is.

To get this toy you must complete the Ruins of Constellas storyline in Feralas on the continent of Kalimdor. Once you fly to Felwood go to the ruins @42, 72.

Track hidden quests if you are high level and cannot see them. Speak to Arcanist Delaris and pick up “Do the Imp-possible.” Don't worry you cannot kill Impsy so just melee him and then use your quest item bag on him. You can mount so don't waste your time running back.

Next quest will appear on him next to the Arcanist called “See the Invisible,” than pick up “Touch the Untouchable.”

For this quest follow the left side of the mountain behind the quest givers, on the ground level till you come to a green sigil on the ground. Then use your quest item. Go to about 42,79 without flying too high or you may have to start over. Kill him and turn into the arcanist for "Break the Unbreakable."

If you do not have flying use the quest item on the fire blocking the path to the satr. I just flew over it and killed him. Turn in for your last quest "open their eyes". Scare some imps for funnzies and turn that in for your Rainbow generator.

Hope you all have it in raid this week for luck on our progression boss. We will care bear stare, the shit out of him for the kill.

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