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Recruit A Friend and What it Does for you

This tip is all about the new Recruit a Friend system and how you can add this to your bonus for the wow Anniversary. Now that they brought back the recruit a friend benefits and some new goodies for doing it.

They are pushing for you to keep your friends playing longer by giving you gradual bonuses. 1 month is Riki the companion pet 2 months 30 days free 3 months is the Reins of the Explorer’s Dune Trekker Mount 4 months gets the title Renowned Explorer 5 months 30 days free

6 months is Stinging Sands enchant

Transmog 7 months is the renowned Explorers Tabard Transmog 8 months is 30 days free 9 months is Keys to the Explorers Jungle Hopper mount 10 months is Renowned Explorers Rucksack back Transmog (looks like a backpack) 11 months is 30 days free 12 months is The entire Transmog of Renowned Explorer And every three months after that you get 30 days free

This works great for me since my husband started playing and I earn mounts, transmogs and free wow to make up for the sub we pay for him now. If your kids are gonna play soon or you have friends that want to come back or start new it is a great time to do so. Yes re-subs work as well. I used an Account I had already opened to get my husband started so we could buy less ex-pacs for him

There are also the in-game benefits too. They are great to go with all the leveling and rep grinding you are doing during the Anniversary. Linked players can summon each other once every 30 minutes if their characters are on the same realm and faction. Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Goblin, Worgen, and Pandaren characters cannot be summoned until they complete their starter quests though. You and your buddy gain a 50% bonus to experience from kills and quests, and a 10% bonus to reputation from kills that grant reputation. To do this you and your buddy need to: Have both characters be in the same party and within 100 yards of each other. Have your Characters be within 4 levels of each other and below level 110.(Which now works for the entire time due to party sync) Monsters and quests cannot be trivial difficulty (gray) for either character(so make sure your synced and doing level appropriate quests) Remember though, that the experience bonus will not stack with the bonus granted from Heirloom items. So Remember to pick up your bonuses from the fair next week while its up and Add recruit a friend to your to do list while your filling time rep grinding, opening allied factions and getting toons leveled to 120 for next years Expac.

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