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Secret Fish Goggles and The Hyper-Compressed Ocean Toy

Do you Feel like you're wasting time waiting for people to get back from afk, to start dungeons or your just plain bored in Boralus watching that annoying Matt Fieler pass by trying to sell you his worthless cheese...again? Seriously Matt I don't want your cheese okay. No one past 120 wants your cheese. NO BUT SERIOUSLY! Do you have a hankering to do some fishing to fill that wasted time with food mats for your next raid or mythic? Well you're in luck!

This week's tip of the week is how to get your Secret Fish Goggles Achievement to get you started toward your Secret Fish of Mechagon Achievement that gets you ….wait for it...that's right a floating ball of water for you and your friends to have tons of fun fishing in. All of the fish for this achievement can be caught within Mechagon. The catch rates are crap though so it's gonna be a while, sorry… You did say you were bored right?. You don't need max Kul'tiran or Zanadalari fishing though. Once you catch them all you will auto-accept a quest to show the fish to Danielle Anglers, who is also on the island. If the quest fails to auto-accept you can right click the fish from your inventory to start it. I have listed confirmed locations below for you of the fish but they are likely not the only locations where they can be caught.

The coastal fish: These 3 fish can be caught near Danielle, though its likely they can be caught anywhere along the coast Mechagon. -Energized Lightning Cod - Solarsprocket Barbel -Bolted Steelhead Each of these fish can only be caught within a specific area of Mechagon. Here are the X,Y coordinates for each. -Tasty Steelfin - 47, 37 -Bottom Feeding Stinkfish - 79, 49 -Pond Hopping Springfish - 65, 32 -Shadowy Cave Eel - 59, 24 -Sludge-fouled Carp - 65, 51 -Spitting Clownfish - 83, 72 -Mechanical Blowfish - 25, 77 -The map I posted from Wowhead shows these spots as well.

So you have your handy dandy goggles. Now You can do the next part to get your super flouting water of fish to fish in with all your friends now.

With The Secret Fish Goggles buff applied from your goggles you got last week, a small fish in a bubble will spawn somewhere within 40 yards of you. Turn on your game sound and you'll hear bubbles when it spawns. A few seconds later the fish will become visible so you can click it. You can click them while mounted and you don't need to be in water. They spawn every 25-30 seconds.

Best way to do this is to find a spot that is flat and with few surrounding objects (trees, rocks, etc) and just spin your camera around until you see the bubble. You can turn off your clutter like we did with the Bee Mount and the jellied nodes.

(Change your Graphic Settings: Go to your graphics in your system options and change your ground clutter bar at the bottom to 1)

Each time you click the puffer you'll be given a random fish,usually white or grey, with the exception of Dalaran where you'll commonly get coins from the eventide fountains.

Catch rate is quite low so once again its gonna be a while, sorry..

The common fish can be caught anywhere at any time of the day, save these fish for last you will get most when getting the others.

1. Camouflaged Snark 2. Deceptive Maw 3. Inconspicuous Catfish 4. Unseen Mimmic 5. Very Tiny Whale 6. Collectable Saltfin 7. Travelling Goby 8. Invisible Smelt

But If you're still missing these 8 fish after you catch the others, the best places to catch these are on the floating islands, like the ones scattered around Outland Nagrand (45.9, 59.9). Stand on the edge of the island and the fish will spawn in an arc around your character.

The zone exclusive fish can only be caught in specific zones and sometimes even in very specific areas within these zones.

9. Rotted Blood Cod - Nazmir, Zul'Nazman. 10. Jade Story Fish - Jade Forest. 11. Thunderous Flounder - Isle of Thunder. 12. Kirin Tor Clown - Dalaran (Broken Isles/Northrend). 13. Mechanized Mackerel - Mechagon. 14. Queen's Delight - Nazjatar. 15. Ancient Mana Fin - Suramar. Anywhere in the Suramar city harbour 16. Prisoner Fish - Tol Barad (PvP area). Anywhere in the zone, the bridge that connects the two islands is a great place for this one, just make sure you're on the PvP area side of it (check minimap). 17. Barbed Fjord Fin - Howling Fjord. 18. Dead Fel Bone - Argus, Krokuun and Antoran Wastes. 19. Tortollan Tank Dweller - Drustvar, under Anyport in the underwater Tortollan bar called 'The Drunk Tank'. 20. Thin Air Flounder - Neverest Pinnacle, Kun-Lai Summit. 21. Well Lurker - Mount Hyjal, in the lake under Nordassil. 22. Drowned Goldfish - Drowned Lands (46, 50) in Stormsong Valley.

With the exception of the Tank Deweller (Fish 19), the locations are confirmed but may not be the only location within the zones caught. For the Tortollan Tank Deweller, you can only catch it once in the very specific sub-zone. Meaning the name must change above the minimap.

The time scheduled fish can only be caught within certain times, while one is active, the other is not. But the fish active at the time can be caught anywhere.

23. Elusive Moonfish - Night only. 9:30pm to 8am. 24. Golden Sunsoaker - Day only. 8am to 9:30pm.

I'm not sure on the specific day/night switch over time, the list posted is just based on the times people have posted catching them. These are server time, not your local time of coarse. The dead fish can only be caught while the player is dead. But Once you're a ghost these fish can also be caught in any zone

25. Veiled Ghost 26. Deadeye Wally 27. Quiet Floater 28. Spiritual Salmon

Best place to catch these are on any floating island, like the one directly behind the southern bank of Broken Isles Dalaran. Kill yourself by flying up and dismounting. This zone has ghost flying so you can fly up and stand on the edge of the island. The fish will spawn in an arc around you (pictured in this post)

The last two the ..

29. Green Roughy - Requires the Painted Green buff from the Mechagon mechanocat painting station (63, 42). This can be applied by walking over the green puddle on the station or having another player throw a Green Paint Filled Bladder at you.

30. Displaced Scrapfin - Can be caught in the "future" version of Mechagon that Chromie sends you to for the quest The Other Place. Unfortunately this daily is only available sporadically.

AND BOOOM. You have your very own orb of fish for fishing fun fun fun.

If you have any comments or questions my email is lovesweetcharity@gmail.com or just message me on LPT Discord. I will get back to you pretty quick in between murloc pulls. And of course you can just comment on the post while it's fresh in our mind.

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