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Shadowlands Scourge Event

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

OMGOODNESS Pre Patch is here and soon it will be time for the scourge event. There are a few things that will only be here for the event. I wanted to go over what they are and how to get them.

Once again like in Litch King and Naxaramas events we are having the invasions in our Mains cities: Stormwind and Orgrimmar. The difference is that now we can fly out of our cities and it may get hairy even outside of the cities. Let's hope the grieving isn't as bad as it was in the PTR.


Zombies will be infected players and that will need to either find an Argent Healer or become a zombie from the infection. Zombies will be hostile to both Horde and Alliance and can communicate only to each other with 5 attacks.

The good news is new recruits from Exile's Reach are granted the debuff New Recruit, which renders Exile's Reach recruits immune to zombie bites and blight effects. Hopefully that way new people won't get griefed out of playing.

New Currency

Argent Communications will Be the Source of Currency to get your Gear and other Scourge event Items.

You get them from the quest lines and Dailies. You can receive 23 for the main quest line and The dailies give you 17 a day. Once they are all opened.

The Scourge baddies in Icecrown will drop the Darkened Scourgestone, Pitch Black Scourgestone you need to open up all of these dailies. They also can be turned in for currency.


The Dailies that start during the pre patch will Not all be available Right away. They include….

Orgrimmar Dailie that are Available Immediately

-The Safety of Others

Icecrown Dailies will be Available Week 2

-Too Many Whelps

-Evacuation Effort

-The Deathspeaker’s Devout

-Cultists Captors

There will be Quests Daily Available after You pick up a Darkened Scourgestone or a Pitch Black Scourgestone called Strange Scourgestones.

Than Once you have turned one in the first time you can get Darkened Scourgestones and Pitch Black Scourgestones Quest

After you Unlock Continued Effort

-Careful Creations

-Cleaning out the Vault

-Frozen Solid

...will be available as well.


There will be a quest line that will take two weeks to complete. I will list the quest for each week on my sight. They Include Cinematics!


The quartermasters to turn your commendations into are Quartermaster Renick in Stormwind and Quartermaster Lungren in Orgrimmar. Crusader Adevald Ironbeard and Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard will also be available in Icecrown. This gear is item level 100 for level 50 players, equal to ny'alotha raid. So this is a great way to gear up the alts you want to before heading into shadowlands. To buy absolutely everything you need 170 Argent Commendations.

They have a new pet called the Putrid Geist and a Broom that will cleanse the area of scourge infection.


Icecrown will be transformed and there will be lots of rares and things to do. There will be a debuff called chilling winds that will give you frost damage every 10 seconds. I recommend bringing any kind of fire along on your hot bar, just in case you can't get to any of the bonfires that will be all around.


The rares in the area and this event will be available to characters over level 30. They will have updated loot in reference to loot from before. Such as a 34 slot bag called “Papa’s Mint Condition Bag.” The rares will be all over Icecrown and will cause problems for anyone working on their Argent Tourney Quests.

Here are the way points for rares. If you use Tom Tom it will put them on your map as way points.

/way 49,7, 32,7 Blood Queen Lana'thel

/way 57,1, 30,3 Professor Putricide

/way 51,1, 78,5 Lady Deathwhisper

/way 57,8, 56,1 Skadi the Ruthless

/way 52,4, 52,6 Ingvar the Plunderer

/way 54,0, 44,7 Prince Keleseth

/way 64,8, 22,1 The Black Knight

/way 70,7, 38,4 Bronjahm

/way 47,2, 66,1 Scourgelord Tyrannus

/way 58,6, 72,5 Forgemaster Garfrost

/way 58,2, 83,4 Marwyn

/way 50,2, 87,9 Falric

/way 80,1, 61,2 The Prophet Tharon'ja

/way 77,8, 66,1 Novos the Summoner

/way 58,3, 39,4 Trollgore

/way 67,5, 58,0 Krik'thir the Gatewatcher

/way 29,6, 62,2 Prince Taldaram

/way 44,2, 49,1 Elder Nadox

/way 31,6, 70,5 Noth the Plaguebringer

/way 34,4, 68,5 Patchwerk CAVE ENTRANCE

/way 36,5, 67,4 Patchwerk

World BOSS

The World boss Nathanos Brightcaller will be in Eastern Plague lands at his home for the horde and alliance. He is available the first week after you pick up the quest Nathanos Brightcaller. He will drop armor and Weapons level 100, the same as the rares in Icecrown.

Thanks to Wowhead for these great Quests lists. Hope this helps you get all your things done when the Scourge Attacks! Good luck out there and see you all next week.

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