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Shaman PVP

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Water, Earth, Fire, Air… when you play the Shaman you feel as if you are the Avatar. The amazing powers of the borrowed elements are not always humbling as they should be. The first Shamans were the most highly respected horde when they were just orcs. They were the only ones that could see their ancestors and speak of the future and past because of it. This was also true for the first of the alliance to behold this power, the Draenei. Being a master of the Elements makes you feel one with the nature you control. The “Green Jesus” Thrall is the most famous of these.

(Class) VS.


-Icebound Fortitude is going to be a Death Knight’s defensive against enhancement Shamans as it will give them 30% dmg reduction and makes them immune to stuns.

-For Elemental Shamans Anti-magic Shield and Anti Magic Zone are going to be a Death Knight’s biggest defensive cool downs against you. If they have these cool downs going, do not blow your own cool downs into them. You won't be able to C.C. (crowd control) a Death Knight during an Anti-magic Shield either.

-Frost Death Knight’s biggest burst damage will typically come from Chill Streak and Breath of Sindragosa consider using Astral Shift here. Alternatively kiting the Death Knight so that Chill Streak is only able to hit one target is a good way to reduce its damage.

-Earthbind Totem is a useful ability to slow the DK and their pets making it easier to kite.

-Enhancement Shamans can use Spirit Walk to clear DK’s Chains of Ice slow.

Demon Hunter

-Watch out for The Hunt, you can use your DcD (defensive cooldown) Astral Shift against this

-Keep an eye out for their defensives such as Blur and Darkness. Do not pop your CDs (cooldowns) into their defensives.

- Metamorphosis is going to be a Demon hunters biggest damage window consider kiting or using CC to mitigate this. They are a very mobile class so kiting is easier said than done.

-Demon Hunters can purge your Hero/lust with purge magic.


-You can purge druid HoTs off. So their heals are not relevant. But it takes a lot of mana. So do it sparingly.

-Interrupt Convoke the Spirits with Wind Shear, Sundering(enhance), or use a defensive. Be careful if you use just a defensive, as it can be too much damage just for a defensive. Alternatively you can use Grounding Totem against Balance druid’s convoke.

-Enhancement Shamans can use Spirit Walk to get out of roots.

-You can purge the druids Thorns to reduce damage you or your teammates take when doing melee attacks against the thorned target.

-You can use Wind Shear or Grounding Totem to stop a druid from getting cyclone off on your team.

-Bark Skin, Frenzied Regeneration, Survival Instincts, and Ironbark are the defensives you want to keep an eye out for.

-If going for a kill try to stun with capacitor totem before they can shift into bear form and use Frenzied Regeneration. -Interrupt any heal cast when going for a kill against a Restoration Druid, or any nature spell cast against a Balance druid to prevent a kill


-Hunters will use Aspect of the Turtle as their biggest DcD(defensive cooldown). This makes them immune to all attacks.

-Use pillars and other parts of the map to LoS (line of sight) hunters to avoid Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire. Enhancement shamans can interrupt these casts with Sundering

-Consider using Astral Shift when the Marksman hunter using Trueshot, this makes their Aimed Shot do more damage and decreases the cooldown of Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire

-Enhancement shamans can use Spirit walk to get out of binding shot

-Kyrian Marksman hunters will be able to use their ability to put down a light blue circle, which will allow them to hit you even if you are out of L.o.S. (line of sight) and for 4 seconds after you leave the circle. It also grants the hunter 30% increase crit chance, consider a defensive for this.

-Night Fae MarksMan hunters will put down a dark blue circle that will do AoE (area of effect) damage and cause cleave damage they do to your allies


-You can use Purge to dispel Combustion, Icy Veins, and Arcane Power which are big offensive mage cds. You can also use Purge to dispel their mage shields as well as Alter Time.

-You can use Grounding Totem to block incoming casts that might otherwise kill you or to block a Polymorph this is being cast on your team. Very good to use when the fire mage uses Combustion.

-If you cannot Purge or use grounding totem use Astral Shift or LoS when a fire mage uses Combustion.

- Useful spells to interrupt with Wind Shear are Polymorph, Ring of Frost, any mage spell that is their spell school when someone on your team is in danger of being killed(Fire mage-Fireball, Frost mage-Frostbolt, etc)


-When you see Xuen Tiger This means they are gonna blow you up. Make sure you Capacitor or slow TIger with an earthgrab totem. You can Hex the Monk but not the tiger. As Enhancement you can Ethereal Form it. As Elemental or Restoration you can use Spectral Recovery and Spirit Wolf away.

-Fists of Fury will slow you just wolf to get out. This also means they are parrying so make sure you don't use cooldowns.

-Counterstrike Totem (pvp talent) can redirect high damage if you time it correctly

-You can bait out a monk’s Tiger’s lust with an Earthgrab totem.

-When you see Karma (symbol above head), do not hit them. All damage will go back to you and can heal them if they are talented into Good Karma.

-Dampen Harm and Diffuse Magic are going to be the monk's choice as defensive talent, do not use cds if it is already active.

-Use Astral Shift or Ethereal form when the monk uses SEF, Xuen, and Weapons of Order. This will be one of their biggest damage windows.


-Paladin's biggest cooldown is a Divine Shield, do not use cooldowns into it. They are immune to everything. Swab targets for the duration of their bubble

-You can use Purge to dispel several Paladin utility abilities. First is Blessing of Protection is a physical immunity that a Paladin can put on any friendly target. Second is Blessing of Freedom which removes any movement impairing effect, (slows, roots, and snares). Third is Holy Paladin’s Divine Favor, which makes their next Holy Light or Flash if Light uninterruptible and faster and heals for more, can be purged to allow you to kick their spell and reduce the healing output. Fourth is Blessing of Spellwarding when playing against a prot Paladin

-Retribution Paladins are incredibly dangerous when they use Avenging Wrath (wings) , do what you can to kite them. You can use Capacitor totem to stun them, Lightning Lasso(Ele) to stun and damage them, Earthgrab totem to slow them, or shift into ghost wolf to run away. If none of those are an option you will need to consider using Astral Shift.

-You can interrupt Repentance with Wind Shear, Sundering(enhance), or you can use grounding totem to “ground it.

-When going for a kill on a ret or prot paladin you will want to use a stun to stop them from using Word of Glory to heal themselves.

-If you can kick (Wind Shear) a holy spell, they will not be able to Bubble until the interrupt duration is finished. Allowing you a few extra seconds of damage before the immunity.

-Blessing of Sacrifice is another defensive cool down to watch out for as it will redirect damage on the target to the Paladin who used it. Consider swapping to the Paladin when this happens. They have increased the damage that the Paladin takes from Sacrifice in a recent Hotfix.

- Retribution Paladins Eye for an Eye ability is a 35%damage reduction. Do not use cooldowns into this.


-Venthyr Priests can be dangerous, try to interrupt (Wind Shear) mind games (Venthyr ability), alternatively you can use Grounding totem on it. Other worthwhile casts of interrupting or reflecting are Mind Control, Mind Blast, Penance, Greater Heal, and Shadow Mend.

-Try not to stack on top of your healer when playing against a priest to avoid team fears via Psychic Scream. If you see a priest Running towards you, consider using Tremor totem to cancel the fear effect. Or if you are the healer try not to stack with your teammates.

-Priest have a variety of Defensive cooldowns available to them, Dispersion (Shadow), Greater Fade (all specs if PvP talent taken), Power: Word Barrier (Discipline), Pain Suppression (Discipline), Rapture (Discipline), Guardian Spirit (Holy). Keep an eye out for those and don’t use CDs into them if you can help it.

-You can us Purge to dispel several different things when playing against a priest. First any Power Word: Shield can be purged. You can dispel Power Infusion. Also you can purge renew and Holy Ward.


-If you know where the rogue is getting them with a capacitor is “leet moves'' so they can't get the jump on you but it's really hard to pull off. Don't waste your capacitor unless you know for sure.

-Keep a Flame Shock up on Rogues as often as you can so they cannot re-Stealth.

-Evasion is going to be a rogue's biggest dCD against you. You can counter this with getting behind them or stunning them. This negates the 100% dodge that it grants

-Use your Astral Shift or Ethereal form against a rogue when there is a CC chain on your healer or you are getting jumped out of stealth. Sub Rogues do a lot of burst damage.

-If you are playing the Spirit Wolf talent getting stunned in wolf form is not nearly as dangerous as you gain a passive damage reduction up to 20% when you are in wolf form.

-When a rogue uses Smoke Bomb try to get out of it so you can be healed by your healer without them having to run into the smoke bomb.

-Saving a defensive to use when a Subtlety Rogue uses Shadowy Duel to finish you off is always a good idea. If you don't have one left, try to stun them with Capacitor totem or Lightning Lasso, use earthgrab totem to slow them so you can kite or Intimidating Shout to avoid as much damage as you can.


-Use Purge to dispel Earth Shields and riptides to reduce overall healing

-Resto Shaman’s Spirit Link Totem redistributes and shares health between all characters in the circle. You can minimize this by keeping the shaman rooted or cc’d away during a kill set up or doing the same to their teammate.

-You can easily kill many Shaman totems to make them less useful. Capacitor Totem (AoE stun) should be killed or ran out of. Earthbind Totem and Earthgrab Totem impact mobility, these can also be killed.

-You can use Wind Shear to stop an elemental shamans Stormkeeper to reduce their burst damage. You could alternatively let it go off and use Grounding totem to ground the lightning bolts or lava bursts that are going to do the actual burst damage. If you have none of those as an option consider LoSing or using Astral Shift.

-The enemy Shaman will probably use grounding totem in a similar way to you so make sure you use toss a quick frost shock or flame shock on it before you pump your damage into the enemy

-You can use Wind Shear, Grounding totem, and Sundering to interrupt Hex. You could also let it go off and use Cleanse Spirit to remove the hex as it is a curse class spell.

-Enhancement Shamans can use Ethereal form against another enhancement shaman to negate the damage of stormstrike, windfury weapon, and Windstrike

-If a Resto Shaman uses Spirit Walkers Grace, they can cast and move and are immune to silence and interrupt effects (from the honor talent Ancestral gift), so do not waste your wind shear here

-Enhancement shamans can do some pretty good burst damage, it is very noticable when they are going to though. They will summon their wolves and use bloodlust and ascendance. Consider LoS/kiting as much as you can. Otherwise use astral shift or ethereal form


-Against Affliction Warlocks be careful to not dispel (Purify Spirit) Unstable Affliction unless you are ready for the Silence and 10K damage right after.

-Ancestral Gift makes you immune to interrupts when you use Spirit Walkers Grace when talented into Ancestral gift (honor talent)

-Use Tremor Totem to break fears when they are cast on you or your teammate.

-Grounding Totem is useful to “ground” Fear, Chaos Bolt, or Unstable Affliction.

-Affliction warlocks are incredibly annoying, in that they essentailly have a constant slow on you and a DoT that cannot be dispelled without the healer taking a bunch of damage and being silenced. Try to LoS them when you can and kill in stuns.

-Infernal (destro) and Dark Soul will be the Warlocks biggest cool downs. Consider a defensive and/or LoSing (line of sighting) for the duration of their cool down.

- Against Destruction Warlocks interrupt Chaos Bolt. This will lock them out of all spell schools.

-Unstable Affliction and Fear are good spells to interrupt (Pummel) when playing against an Affliction Warlock.

-Warlocks will use their Demonic Circle and Gateway to kite you. Watch for them running to a gate when going for a kill.


-Stay far as you can from a warrior if you're a resto or elemental shaman. Earthbind Totem, Capacitor, Frost Shock, Ghost Wolf anything you can do to keep away from a warrior. They can only Heroic Leap/Charge so much. They will run out of them before you run out of Wolf and Frost Shock. If they can't get a hold of you they are less likely to hurt.

-Keep your Lighting Shield/earth shield Up.

-Avatar is a powerful cooldown especially when combined with Warbreaker and can be kited, or you should consider a DCD (defensive cool down).

-Venthyr Warrior has Condemn, which replaces Execute and does decent damage. If you are in Execute range, consider kiting or ccing (crowd control) the Warrior to give your healer a chance to help you.

-Try not to stack on top of your teammates to avoid AoE fear from Intimidating Shout. If you see a warrior come off its kill target and run at you consider tremor totem to cancel the fear effect

-Do not use and CC ability into a warrior when they are using Bladestorm as they are immune to all cc effects.

-The warrior may play disarm into an enhance shaman to try to reduce your damage output.

- Watch for Die by the Sword and Enraged Regeneration. These are their biggest defensives. Do not blow cooldowns into them.


The most famous of the shamans is most definitely enhancement. The power of thunder behind your hammer and the wolves that come from you are most definitely one of the most exciting things about enhancement. This is one of the most difficult specs to master. Once mastered though you can wield a lot of power. The boost from your wolf form makes you the fastest of the shamans as well.

Image From Here


-At this point there are a few viable choices for PvE available. But one does seem to lead the pack in PvP. (Lolz wolf joke)

Doom Winds- This gives you an additional 1 minute offensive cooldown. When you cast Windfury totem, you are guaranteed to gain windfury weapon damage and increase its damage by 25% for 12 seconds. This on demand additional burst damage is incredibly useful in PvP.


-Make sure to apply your Flametongue and Windfury weapon before the start of every match. There is a bug where the buffs will show up, but if you do not reapply inside of the arena or battleground match you will not gain the effect from them.

-Use your Maelstrom weapon stacks to cast instant lightning bolts or chain lightning(>2 targets stacked) when you have a safe amount of health. When you need heals you can use the charges to instant cast healing surge at 100% increased healing. Your off healing is actually pretty decent so help out those healers

-You may want to hold 5 stacks of maelstrom weapons and Chain Harvest(Venthyr ability) for when the enemy player is near death and then get an instant chain harvest at increased damage to secure the kill. Otherwise using it as a pressure building is a reasonable choice as well.

-Doomwinds cooldown is 1 min, bloodlust is 1 min, Feral Spirits is two minutes, and Ascendance is 3 minutes. You can essentially use Doomwinds essentially on cooldown to keep your damage rolling, but line it up with your other cds to get am much oomf out of it as you can.

-Use Grounding totem against big burst caster classes to negate cooldowns like Combustion and Convoke the spirits if you can’t get of a wind shear or purge

-Ethereal From is a great counter to physical damage classes to stop you from getting one shot in a cc chain on your healer.

Honor Talents

-Shamanism reduces the cooldown of hero/lust however it now only last for 10 seconds and increases your haste by 20%. Additionally heroism no longer causes exhaustion debuff.

-Grounding Totem is a great choice against caster classes. You can use this to redirect harmful all spells cast against your team for 3 seconds. This can “ground” spells such as cyclone, Polymorph, Ebonbolt, or can be used to negate burst cooldowns such as Combustion or Convoke the Spirits

-Swelling Waves is a solid choice as it provides additional self-healing when you use Healing Surge on yourself. Healing you for an additional 50% after 3 seconds.

-Ethereal Form is a powerful defensive as it makes you immune to all physical damage for 15 seconds, however you are unable to cast and your movement is decreased. This also replaces Astral Shift and reduces the cooldown to 45 seconds instead of 1.5min. This is a good talent to choose against Warriors, Monks, and Rogues.

PVP Talents for Enhancement

Row 1: Forceful Winds is the choice to go with here. This gives you and stacking damage amp for Windfury Weapon when you successfully hit with Windfury attack. It is the best overall damage and it synergizes extremely well with the Doom Winds legendary

Row 2: Stormflurry is the go to choice for this tier. Stormstrike is going to be one of your most used abilities in your rotation and this only makes it cleave to additional targets

Row 3: Earth Shield is the recommended choice here. It will provide passive healing to you and your teammates. If you are going to be the kill target and need to be able to kite, Spirit Wolf can be used instead. This will increase your speed and reduce the damage you take while in Ghost Wolf.

Row 4: Elemental Assault is the go to on this tier. This gives you additional Maelstrom Weapon charges through the use of Stormstrike as well as increasing Stormstrike damage by 15%. There is an argument to be made for Hailstorm in Battle Grounds or in a 3v3 match when their whole team will be stacked in melee range.

Row 5: Nature’s Guardian is the choice to go with here. It provides you with a little extra defensiveness, which Enhancement shaman does lack

Row 6: Sundering is the best choice. It deals good damage and you can use it to interrupt and lock out their spells for 2 seconds.

Row 7: Ascendance is for sure the way to go here. This burst damage from this ability is wonderful for PvP. Who doesn't like throwing tornadoes at their enemies from 30 yards away. The only drawback is it does have a 3 min CD

But Shadowlands Means Covenants?


Venthyr Enhancement shamans gain the ability Chain Harvest. This ability synergizes with the maelstrom weapon stack mechanic that Enhance shamans already use to cast instant lightning bolts, chain lightning, and healing surge and increased output. The ability will hit the nearest 5 enemies for a decent amount of damage as well as hit 5 allies and heal them all for a decent amount of damage. When paired with Maelstrom Weapon charges the damage/healing is increased by 100% and the ability is an instant cast. You also gain Door of Shadows which allows you to teleport, which can be used to disorient/interrupt when playing the Nadjia soulbind.



Unruly Winds is a must for potency conduits. It gives you a % chance of your Windfury weapons hitting a third attack

Lavish Harvest adds a % crit chance for Chain harvest which could give you that little extra burst for a kill or a critical heal to save you.

Magma Fist offers you additional crit chance for lava lash on flame shock targets


Vital Accretion give you extra health when you summon your Earth Elemental

Refreshing Waters causes healing surge heals you for extra


Thunderous paws gives you a speed boost for the first 3 seconds of spirit wolf. Giving you a little extra time speed to kite.


Water is said in a lot of cultures to have healing powers. I'm sure it's because it washes away everything. In this patch Restoration is one of the strongest healers and has a ton of utility on top of that. So you can be so helpful to your team on top of just healing. Plus Restoration has the Best long range interrupt to boot.

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Earthen Harmony is the most recommended legendary for restoration pvp. Even when you're in a C.C. (crowd control) the effect works. If you don't feel like you are going to use the Earth shield correctly. I recommend using Primal Tide Core, Spiritwalkers Tidal Totem or Chains of Devastation. Depending on if you are going for more damage or healing and the style of healing if you're going more for heels.. If you want to go for lasting longer with for example against another healer you can go with Spirit Walkers Tidal Totem.


-Shamans have the best long range interrupt. This means along with healing you can use your interrupt more often and while healing your target from safety. Use it as often as you can to help keep your team and yourself from casts that could otherwise stop your healing and kill.

-Use your capacitor totem to stun and interrupt your targets as often as possible and especially on things that could otherwise kill you such as casts after combust or “ “.

-Kite using Grounding Totem to get away from otherwise lethal enemies

-Spirit Link is your save all. When your backs are against the wall and you can only spam one person but everyone is low. You can take a match back from the brink by placing this totem correctly or calling all our allies to get into it. I like to do this behind a pillar so there is less time for the opposing team to take out the totem.

-Use Earthwall Totem on targets that are actively targeted by the enemy. What i mean by this is usually a team will decide they are going to all go on a specific enemy player to kill them quickly. Earthwall can be helpful to keep them alive. Even better if you can get more than just them in it. For example if they switch targets to you for healing.

Ascendance is your emergency talent. It splash heals your whole group so you can catch up. Don't pop this too soon and waist it.

Honor Talents

Grounding Totem is important to help you avoid incoming crowd control. You can also use this to stop some incoming spell damage.

Voodoo Mastery makes you able to use Hex with no cooldown. This makes the Restoration Shaman have spammable CC(crowd control) and allows for more setup playstyle with this healer. This also allows for repeated CC(crowd control) on the healer by the Restoration Shaman, which was only previously possible by a Restoration Druid with Cyclone. This should be taken when the Shaman can get CC (crowd control) or setups with their teammates. Against melee cleaves this will be not be as viable.

Ancestral Gift makes you immune to all Silence and Interrupts after using Spiritwalker's Grace. This talent is great versus teams with multiple interrupts and works great in combination with Tidebringer for guaranteed use of a large Chain Heal to fully heal your whole team.

Tidebringer reduces the cast time of Chain Heal every 8 seconds. This is great for when you need to heal through spread pressure or cleave damage. This PvP talent is almost mandatory if you think the enemy team will not focus you and you need to increase your healing output

If your team's strategy is to play aggressively Electrocute, this is an important talent to have.

Skyfury Totem is helpful if you are playing with two caster DPS.

Spectral Recovery is a great PvP talent when you will be the main target for the other team. This, in combination with Spirit Wolf, makes you a very hard target to kill.

PVP Talents for Restoration

Row 1: I feel that all three talents in this tree are viable. It really depends how you want to heal. You're going to get the most out of each talent depending. If you use Unleash life on cooldown and pair it with the right heals it is the best for this tree. If you're afraid you will not use Unleash Life correctly it's not worth it. Use Torrent or Undulation. Torrent and Undulation really depend on your healing style. If you are about those chains and high crit cast heals then Undulation is for you. This can be paired with the legendary Spirit Walkers Tidal Totem to work better for you. Even more so if you can keep your group within range for the chain. Otherwise use Torrent. It is a quick high splash with Riptides. Be sure you use Riptide on cooldown to get most use of it. Pair it with The Legendary Pirmal Tide Core for the best results.

Row 2: Echo of Elements is the best choice for this tier for pvp. This gives you additional charges of important healing spells that can help you keep multiple targets alive at once.

Row 3: Two talents are viable here. You just have to make use of them. If you think you are going to just be healing and kiting and you don't think you will use your kit very much it's always safe to go with Spirit Wolf. If you think you can keep up with some more CC (crowd control) take earth grab to grab multiple people at once. But it does take some finess. It's great fighting high melee groups to get them off targets.

Row 4: Earthen Wall totem is the best for this tree it can really help save a target. Make sure you use it to help with high damage. Such as when everyone switches to a target or when a mage decides to combust.

Row 5: Nature's Guardian is really the only talent that will help you in this tier.

Row 6: Flash Flood is really the only viable talent for this tier.

Row 7: I always recommend Ascendance for this tier. With caution though. USE IT! It should be your emergency healed cooldown, but it should not be wasted. The initial splash heals and the throughput after is really great for pvp.

But Shadowlands Means Covenants?


This covenant allows you to be a healer for everyone with riptide on them. This means that even if your targets are not close together you can AoE (area of effect) heal. Even more so if you have all three/two of you riptide on in an arena match. Fleshcraft also allows for CC (crowd control) immunity. This is a great advantage against Mages Warlocks and Druids who have spammable CC (crowd control). It's also very defensive to help you withstand anything that gets thrown at you.



Tumbling Waves is my favorite because it lets you get even more riptides out. Combine this with Primal Tide Core Legendary and Torrent and you are gonna be a riptide champ.

Embrace of Earth is viable if you use yoru Earth shields. Be sure to keep these up on the target you are healing at all times. You can get some really powerful heals out of it.

Swirling Currents gives even more power to your riptides. You can use riptides and your healing totems to heal while you are Damaging, kiting, ccing(crowd control), interrupting/kicking and more.


Vital Accretion gives you a health point buff that can help keep you alive in sticky situations.

Refreshing Waters highly improves your self healing since we all know in pvp they always go for the healer.


Thunderous Paws give you great movement when your kiting


Elemental makes you feel like the Avatar and a sith lord all in one. It is so powerful and with that long range quick interrupt they are so viable for pvp and pve right now.

Image Here


Elemental Equilibrium works best in pvp because it works with echoing shock and stormkeeper for big burst windows, giving you higher pressure than without it.

Windspeaker's Lava Resurgence is a viable alternative, giving you more lava bursts to throw out for more consistent pressure.


Elemental is all about lava bursting into targets that have flame shock applied to them. With that flame shock can be applied to multiple targets to increase the chance of your instant-cast procs, though be aware flame shock can be dispelled so it may be worth holding onto it to reapply instead of setting up more to funnel into your chosen kill target.

With Echoing shock and Stormkeeper you have a ton of options for short CD (cooldowns) high burst windows, so you can keep the enemy team on the back foot with good usage of these CD's (cooldowns) but be careful you don't have many defensives yourself so don't overextend.

With Stormkeeper you don't need to instantly use the 2 lightning bolts right away, once you've cast stormkeeper you have 12 seconds to use the buff and it can’t be purged so don’t fear that it will be stolen while you're setting up your burst.

Remember you have Thunderstorm. It is a decent knockback when used correctly, you can take someone permanently or temporarily out of the fight with a well timed knock aimed at a ledge.

Master of the elements can be purged which can be frustrating but it's only a small damage loss on the next spell after your Lava Burst.

Honor Talents

Lightning Lasso is the most important PvP talent. It does significant damage, as well as a 5-second stun which is not dispellable, but it still can be countered if you get interrupted or CC'd. This is great for pressure, while using C.C. (crowd control), and providing time for the Elemental Shaman kite, or reposition.

Skyfury Totem is an important pick. This talent increases the crit damage by 20% of only spell casts or heals. Although this is highly dependent on how often your spells are critically hit, if a critical strike happens the damage is significantly higher due to the multipliers of Master of the Elements, and the combination of

Surge of Power and Stormkeeper. This also effects Lighting Lasso now.

Grounding Totem is the go to against casters and hunters teams. This can stop C.C. (crowd control) from the enemy and stop large damaging spell casts.

Purifying Waters is very strong against resto druids and the heal provided from purge is useful to outlive the other team

Swelling waves is a great defensive if you expect to be targeted. SInce this talent only affects the heals you use on yourself this talent is very situational though. For example, use this against classes you can't kite.

Traveling Storms is good for Battlegrounds for knocking people off away from flags in Eye of the storm or Arathi Basin basin. But should never be used in arena.

Spectral Recovery can be a strong talent as provides healing while in Ghost Wolf, but also raises the ghost wolf speed to 110% of movement speed even when slows are applied. This can be taken if you know you are against heavy melee teams and know you will need to kite for a considerable portion of the match. This can also be useful in battlegrounds for more mobility works well with Spirit Wolf for mobility and defensives.

Counterstrike Totem is a situational talent. This can be useful as a small peel for your teammates or as a surprise against enemies in arena. In battlegrounds this can be used as a considerable damage option, but will not lead to kills. Generally teams are aware of this Shaman ability to use this totem and will stop attacking once it is on the ground.

Control of Lava is a viable selection if the enemy does not focus you and if there are 4 targets to maintain Flame Shock on. This is primarily a Battleground selection but can be useful in Arena against 2-caster 3v3 teams. This talent will reduce your mobility significantly.

PVP Talents for Elemental

Row 1: Echo of Elements works on Shaman's main damage spell Lava Burst and provides more than Earthen rage or Static Discharge. So it will provide the most pressure.

Row 2: Echoing Shock provides great damage plus echo’s a repeat of a heal or damage of your choice. This also has a chance to overload those abilities from Shamans mastery.

Row 3:Earth Shield is always a great increase as long as you keep your sheild up on your healed targets. Spirit Wolf has value in pvp because of its 20 percent defensive.

Row 4: Master of Elemental with the uptime increase on Flame shock is so much better than the other two. If you use Skyfury Totem you can stack crit and multiply damage with Earthshock and Stormkeeper

Row 5: Nature's Guardian is the best pick since you can use it as a defensive. It works in stuns and C.C.(crowd control)

Row 6: Surge of Power is the highest burst pick on this tier. But you will need to use a defensive. Combine this with Stormkeeper 150% increased damage of Lightning Bolts and Echoing Shock. Primal Elemntalist gives you the defense of hardened skin to prolong your life as well as give you a good antagonist from the Earth Elemental.

Row 7: Stormkeeper is the most preferred of this tree. It does the most damage with empowered Lighting Bolts. Combine it with Primordial Wave, Echoing Shock and Lava Burst to deal amazing amounts of burst damage.

But Shadowlands Means Covenants?


Necrolord allows for so much flexibility with Primordial Wave. At the most basic it's a second flame shock which can let you set up funnel onto a target much quicker. The next lava burst after you press it will hit all targets with flame shock on them as well giving you a very powerful burst cleave on a 45 second cooldown, plus all the soulbinds are competitive, plague deviser turns fleshcraft into a short CC immunity, Emeni gives you a decent boost of intellect on your burst, and bonesmith gives you a decent overall dps increase with a pseudo cheat death for a few seconds.



Tumbling Waves - gives your Primordial Wave a chance to not go on CD (cooldown), this means more Flame Shocks, for cleave and funnel it is a very solid conduit for pvp.

Call of Flame - increased fire elemental duration simple yet very strong for damage inside your major cd, this is a very solid conduit and should be taken always.


Vital Accretion turns your earth elemental into an ok defensive while also still harassing the enemy while he is out, though it doesn't last forever but it can save you in a pinch if astral shift is down.

Refreshing waters improves your self healing, which can save you if you get cut off from your healer, or they are almost OOM (Out of Mana)


Totemic Surge cooldown reduction for some of your more useful totems, can be very nice if you need that totem off cooldown just a touch faster.

Thunderous paws, nice little boost of speed when you shift into ghost wolf, this can be very useful when kiting.

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Helpful Addons For PVP

-GladiatorlosSA2: This addon will announce when crucial abilities are cast by your opponents

-Gladius or sArena: These addons are upgraded arena frames. They will show the cooldown on the pvp cc break trinkets of your enemy and a few other things.

-OmniBar: This addon is used to track the cooldowns on enemy abilities. You can customize it to show as many or as few different spells and abilities you want.

-Ability Team Tracker: This addon you can use to track your allies cooldowns. It’s always nice to know if your teammate has a defensive cooldown or cc available.


You can download or create your own weakaura to display many different things (alerts, words, sounds, etc). For example: When you kill a night fae character, there is a weakaura that will put big red letter across your screen that says “Kill the Pod” Here

Remember These are all just the meta or our opinions from our experiences and of course you can play others.

Thanks You to Cassa and Trap for all the input on this guide and to Icy Veins and Wowhead for imformaiton and research.

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