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Siege of Boralas

This week we worked a lot in Siege and we played with the mobs looked at some snap points and tricks that would help you go the extra Mile and maybe start timing your first Mythic plus'.

There are some really good line of site places such as here on the dock to pull mobs without pulling the entire dock. Since this tends to be a heavy pat and spawn area.

You can also line of sight/L.O.S. the mobs before Sergeant Bainbridge. But the spotter doesn't seem to ever do it. They tend to run and pull the boss while pulling the mobs.So pulling it back and C.C.-ing the spotter before it becomes un-pull-able and un-cc-able is recommended. (yeah gamer speak sorry)

Line of sighting in the mobs out of the Hadal Darkfathoms room is a good idea so as not to pull the boss. Some good points are pictured. It's worth noting if you want all the mobs to be pulled you can line of sight the boss to the left point pictured and he will reset and the entire room will pull or what's left. This is good for saving time trying to pull mobs at the back of the room.

Spotters don't follow most of the rules. They tend not to cc, to run and pull others including the boss, and they do not get hit by their own artillery. Usually most of it works before they run. So always try and do your cc before they run. They don't usually L.O.S(line of sight), so be prepared to be shot through the walls. (yeah my pic is a bad depiction but you get the picture...hahah picture..get it...nevermind)

Also on the dock you can find this skip point that will save you time on trash. Avoiding some no so fun pulls as well.

Artillery from the spotters can kill all other mobs that you position to pull into them. Remember this still gives you your affixes such as bursting and necrotic though so be aware of these rules when killing all the mobs at once.

The obelisk skip across the bridge can be snapped once you get to the other side of the water. Keep aggro on it and jet to your next obelisk to snap your mob to it.

When pulling mobs several of them can be baited by the tank to do their Abilities a certain way. Demolisher's slam, Beige Rat Pilligar's Poison, and Hadal Darkfathom's tidal crash can all be baited. Always position the boss facing where you want them to throw it and a D.P.S. player needs to be sure to never stand in front of them. The Ashvane Commanders (Horse riders) sometimes choose the farthest target but this isn't always true, so as soon as you see his horse rear up just move.

It's also worth noting that Hadal Darkfathom's tidal crash can be dodged by standing just under the boss when tanking him. Not to be confused with his break water that targets a player and throws it on them if they don't move. When Tidal Surge comes you also don't have to stand right against the statue. As long as you're in the line between it and the wave you're safe. This works well for volcanic and quaking, as well as any ice that has been left on the ground.

Another pesky thing if your alliance is the Role Play that happens. This can be skipped by going back for your count once it starts at Hadal Darkfathoms death. It's not a lot of time but every little bit helps. So skip all the trash with the obelisk up to the line of site point pictured.

Then line of site them up the stairs one group at a time and make your way down pulling what you need for your mob count. These stairs will also snap your orb boss while kiting him up them as well as some of the mobs. These mobs do stun you so moving constantly side to side in small movements as it goes off not to move mobs too much will help you stay out of the Banana Rampage. Than mounting up and running down to the last boss once it's over.

The last boss always seems to be a challenge. Make sure you are dispelling Putrid Waters. It takes two dispells and usually you want to call out that you have it or have the healers call out so that when dispelled you don't throw people. We learned the hard way this week that you can't see the circle unless it's yours. You really do not want to be thrown in this fight with all the ground effects and water that you can get stuck in. Managing the dispells as a team and having good communication on the tentacles really helped us take this guy down in our higher keys.

I hope this helps you time your next mythic. I know doing this on Tyrannical this week really made us break this dungeon down spell by spell. I hope this helps you take out a couple new keys, good luck and see you all next week.

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