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Silverwind Larioin

This week we started our quest to get the Silverwind Larion. To get the Silverwind Larion mount you will need to find 50 hidden shards within Bastion. You must be 60 to see the shards so you can't do this while you are out leveling. They are quite difficult to get to some and I recommend taking a Venthir or a Lock for portals and a stack of goblin gliders for gliding to targets. You should also if you don't already have it grab Tom Tom for all the way points to all the crystals and if you wanna go a step further you can use paste to put them all in at once. You can copy all the way points provided on my guide and then you just go to each one. I didn't use paste because it was just too much at once for me. We went one by one for less confusion.

NOTE: The video below shows the the crystal locations. BUT BE WARNED. They are not the same as the script order in world of warcraft. So if you miss one. Use the coordnets on the list below the video. The video is helpful for seeing the locations in real time.



/way 39.05 77.04 Shard #01: On a lower platform below the bridge

/way 43.63 76.22 Shard #02: On a ledge above the waterfall

/way 48.42 72.73 Shard #03: On top of an arch halfway up the main structure

/way 52.67 75.55 Shard #04: On a ledge just above the water

/way 53.31 73.62 Shard #05: In the water beneath a small bridge

/way 53.49 80.60 Shard #06: On top of a thin stone column

/way 55.96 86.66 Shard #07: Above the entrance to the Chamber of First Reflection.

/way 61.04 85.66 Shard #08: On a rock in the side of the cliff

/way 58.10 80.08 Shard #09: On a rock above a small waterfall

/way 56.87 74.98 Shard #10: On the wall above a small water fixture

/way 65.52 71.92 Shard #11: Hidden behind a stone column on the upper level of Purity's Pinnacle

/way 58.15 63.91 Shard #12: Sitting behind a staircase

/way 54.00 59.70 Shard #13: Sitting beneath a small bell

/way 46.70 65.95 Shard #14: On top of a fallen stone archway

/way 50.68 56.14 Shard #15: On top of a small wooden structure

/way 34.84 65.78 Shard #16: On a small ledge directly beneath Epistasia

/way 51.67 48.02 Shard #17: On a small ledge on the underside of Hero's Rest

/way 47.08 49.23 Shard #18: On the ground under the platform

/way 41.39 46.63 Shard #19: On a ledge above Dionae's cave

/way 40.04 59.12 Shard #20: On top of a stone pillar

/way 38.52 53.26 Shard #21: On top of a tilted structure

/way 57.64 55.67 Shard #22: Sitting at the base of a tree

/way 65.25 42.88 Shard #23: In a bookcase on the upper platform

/way 72.38 40.29 Shard #24: On a ledge directly below the jutting cliff

/way 66.89 26.92 Shard #25: Hidden beneath the platform

/way 57.55 38.27 Shard #26: In the Hall of Beasts behind some barrels

/way 52.16 39.39 Shard #27: On top of a thin stone column

/way 49.99 38.26 Shard #28: Underneath the bridge on a rock

/way 48.48 34.91 Shard #29: On top of a thin stone column

/way 56.72 28.84 Shard #30: On the corner of the table

/way 56.20 17.31 Shard #31: On a ledge above the Memorial Offerings treasure

/way 59.88 13.91 Shard #32: On a ledge way below the cliff top. Jump on the rock next to it or you will be ported back up

/way 52.44 09.42 Shard #33: In a cave under Miri's Chapel, behind some barrels

/way 46.69 18.04 Shard #34: On a ledge under a rocky overhang, path to the south

/way 44.94 28.45 Shard #35: At the end of a small rock ledge

/way 42.30 24.02 Shard #36: On a ledge overlooking the path

/way 37.10 24.68 Shard #37: On a ledge above the small waterfall

/way 42.81 33.21 Shard #38: On the tip of a small ledge

/way 42.71 39.40 Shard #39: On top of the gazebo

/way 33.03 37.62 Shard #40: At the end of a narrow rock ledge

/way 31.00 27.47 Shard #41: At the bottom of the pond by the feet of a statue

/way 30.61 23.73 Shard #42: On top of the stone archway

/way 24.64 22.98 Shard #43: On top of a thin stone column on the lower level

/way 26.15 22.62 Shard #44: Hidden behind a stack of barrels

Necrotic Wake:

/way 52.50 88.60 Shard #46: Behind the large fallen bell

/way 36.20 22.80 Shard #47: Behind a stone pillar

Spires of Ascension (Gardens of Repose):

/way 46.60 53.10 Shard #48: Sitting behind a lounge chair

/way 69.40 38.70 Shard #49: Hidden behind a large torch

Spires of Ascension (Font of Fealty):

/way 49.80 46.90 Shard #50: On a ledge hanging over the central font

This list is numbered by the correct quest identification connected to wow. This is becuase our first round was not a success.

When Mommy and Lunis’ got their achievement Keyden and I looked at eachother like, "Uh, what did we do wrong?" So I learned a few things that can help you if you started and you don't know what's left or you miss a crystal or two because you are I don't know special..yeah we will say special like we were and dont know which ones.

First there is a script you can run to see how many you missed and what numbers they are.

Copy, paste in your chat, the script below.

Here is the Script to find out what you are missing:

/run local a,q=0,{{0},{10,14},{16},{19,20},{22},{24,26},{28,29},{32,33},{35,36},{38},{39},{45,46},{48,50},{52,75}} for x,y in ipairs(q) do for i = y[1],y[2] or y[1],y[3] or 1 do a=a+1 print("Shard", a, C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(i+61225)) end end

We found out that the guide we used was not the same numbers as the script. (Indicated in the text above the video we used. Do not use them to find the one you are missing). So after some research I found the true numbers list then cross referenced the coords. Then went and found our lost crystals. This being said I have reworked the number list on this guide and they go in order of the true list. This way you won't have the same problem. So just match them to the crystal number listed and you are good to go.

Once you have gotten all 50 you will get the Shard Labor Achievement and be able to get your new hammer!

Go to Vsepr of the Heralds Hephaesius at the forge light @ (59.34, 31.44). Once you have your hammer you guess it time to use something special. Heck Yeah!

Head on over and hammer the Vsepr of the Silverwind bell, @ (36.04, 26.54 ). A Silver Larion will fly down and give you a chest. DA DUT DA DUH!

When you open the Chest you will be a proud owner of the Silver Larion Mount.

Thanks to WowQuests on Youtube and of course the wowhead post from Rokudronan for providing the rest of the information we needed for the true coords to game. As well as Cassa, Mommyfortuna, Keydan and Lunis for helping us on our journey to make this guide. This one really was an adventure.

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