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Sinrunner Blanchy

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

So I wanted to get this mount the second I saw it for my blood death knight. She is Venthyr as well as blood and it just went with her overall theme.

We all did the west fall quest line enough to remember how Blanchy was run over with a cart and died. We find him hanging out in Rivendreth now.

6 Days YEESH

To get your Sinrunner Blanchy Mount it will take 6 days from the day you start. I advise you go and find all the things blanchy needs first. This way you can just log on to give blanchy items every day and be done. Or you can just get the right item right before you give it to him. It is entirely up to you.

Now I Recommend Using group Finder to server hop where he is up at. Just type in Blanchy, Because he will not always be up on your server. He will be at Ravendreth The Endmire (62.86, 43.34), Chilling in the river. When you speak to him he emotes, "Dead Blanchy's eyes are frenzied. Her form is sickly and gaunt. She is clearly famished and needs a hearty meal."

It's important to note you need to be level 55 to obtain this mount. The items are also mostly soulbound with eception to the apples so you need them on the same character that is getting the mount. Once you have it though it is account bound and can be obtained on any toon on the account.

Items You Need

1. Eight handfuls of Oats

Day one you will need Eight Handfuls of oats. These are in Westfall at the Saldean's Farm only at (56.50, 36.68). They may be hard to find because a lot of people are farming their spawns. I recommend using a low pop server to get them. I used mine on Kirin Tor Server and when I came out of it to Silvermoon server when I was done gathering. There were 10 people on mounts hovering above the spots. Instead I was able to fly in and grab all eight. Than head to the next thing. Message me if you need a server hop to my low pop server. Once you find blanchy and give him, He will then say "Dead Blanchy accepts the oats enthusiastically. Though she is shaggy in patches, her skin ripples with irritation from stinging mites, sharp thorns, and smelly muck."

Way Points for Oats

/way 55.14 27.42 Oats

/way 56.26 30.17 Oats

/way 52.16 33.56 Oats

/way 51.02 39.08 Oats

/way 46.57 37.79 Oats

2. A Grooming Brush

Day two you need a Grooming Brush. This comes from Snickersnee in Darkhaven of Revendreth. He is at coords (63.39, 61.75). Once given to Blanchy He will emote, "Dead Blanchy shivers and nuzzles you as the grooming brush cleans the irritants from her skin. As she shifts her weight and stamps, you notice her hooves are badly chipped."

3. Four Sturdy Horseshoes

Day three you will need to head over to Ravendreth again and go along the path pictured starting at (65.25, 74.22). There will be sparkling things along the road. I couldn't even tell they were horseshoes till I picked them up. You need Four Shoes For Old Blanchy's Hooves. He will then emotes, "Dead Blanchy lifts her hooves obediently, happy to save her injured feet tended. She's out of breath and blowing hard and seems very thirsty." once you get his hooves fixed up.

Horseshoe Way Points

/way 70.33 59.05 Horseshoe

/way 74.52 57.84 Horseshoe

/way 64.22 58.42 Horseshoe

/way 65.18 74.11 Horseshoe

/way 68.14 68.86 Horseshoe

/way 61.28 69.41 Horseshoe

/way 63.20 65.72 Horseshoe

4. A bucket of Clean Water

Now you need fresh water for Blanchy. The bucket is located right next to Snickersnee and the carriage he is by, when you buy the brush (63.39, 61.75). Its just sitting there and you pick it up. You will need to head to Ardenwield or Bastion and get in swimmable water. I used the water at (53.17 35.11) in Ardenweald. Once there you click the right click the bucket and it fills up with clean water. Now blancy will emote "Dead Blanchy eagerly drinks the entire bucket before butting her head against you. She's quenched her thirst but is shivering uncontrollably."

5. One Comfortable Saddle Blanket

Day five you will need a comfortable saddle blanket to warm Old Blanchy up. You can buy this from Ta'ture in the Night Market in Revendreth. You can miss him easily. He is by a cart southwest of Darkhaven (51.13, 78.80).This one is going to be harder to get. You have to buy it with 30 of a certain kind of meat from shadowlands and it changes every week.(EDIT: It can be 10 of The diffrent kinds of Herbs as well.) It can be Aethereal Meat, Creeping Crawler Meat or Phantasmal Haunch. Guess it's just whatever he wants for lunch that week. Once you give him his saddle he will emote, "Dead Blanchy stands very still as the saddle blanket is placed upon her. As her shivering slows and then stops, Blanchy begins searching your bags for a treat. "

6. Three Dredhollow apples

Day Six you need to Bring blanchy some apples. These you can just buy from Mims in the Hole in the wall at (40.81, 46.71) West of Castle Nathria. Once you feed him he will emote "Dead Blanchy's nostrils flare as she scents the apples. She eagerly crunches them up. Dead Blanchy sights contentedly and places her head on your shoulder. " And congrats you have your Spooky Red Sinrunner Blanchy in your bags.

You can always take Blanchy back to Westfall and see him Emote at his body. I'll just let you discover that easter egg for yourself. What would you do if you saw your dead body?

I hope you enjoyed the journey! Send me your screenshots let me know if this guide helped you!

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