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Stable Mounts @ The Garrison

So I know there are quite a few people coming back from brakes or new people who have never played draenor to get the Garrison. We are all trying to add to our mount collection of coarse, so tonight is a reminder of the 6 mounts that you can get from building a garrison stable.

So to get them you will need to have a level 100 plus character and a level 1 stable. Flying in draenor and max level make it really easy.

Once you open up the stable just go to the stable and do the dailies they give you. To start you have to lasso them and keep up with them. Flying makes it a cake walk to stay with them and do the quest successfully. Some of the mounts take longer than others to unlock. But if you do all your dailies every day you should get most mounts done in about 12 days. Towards the end you will be doing about 6 dailies to finish opening them up. But They all will take place in Nagrand towards the end and most will require you to kill the same mob over and over with a different animal. So the travel time gets cut down a bit if your doing them all at the same time and you don't miss any days. So after about two weeks you should have a Talbuk, Elekk, Wolf, Clefthoof, Riverbeast and a Boar mount. If you keep it going you can also obtain the Armored frostwolf just for getting stable master achievement. Hope this gets you towards your mount number achievements. Remember you can catch me on Twitter @lovesweetcharity, on LPT discord or at Lovesweetcharity@gmail.com.

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