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Starry Dreamfoal Companion

This is the perfect Companion to match the Swift Gloomhoof we just got this week. So totes adorbs!

To get this little guy everything is in Ardenweald. You need three items to brake the barrier where the chest is located.

Go to "51.57, 61.61" to get the Fae Ornament. You will need to climb the tree via the branches or bridges in Shimmerbough. It is up above on the platform.

The next item is Enchanted Bough. Go to "42.41, 46.72" in the Star Lake Amphitheater. This item is all the way on the ground underneath the platform behind some bushes. It was a little difficult to find.

The last item you will need is Raw Dream Silk/Fibers. Go to "36.99, 29.83." On the Gossamar Cliffs, on the Elevated Platform sticked to the wall. They look like baskets. They didnt even glow i had to run my mouse over the baskets till i could click one.

Once you have all three items you can combine them to make the Fae Dreamcatcher. This will allow you to take down the barrior that leads to the Cache of Night at "26.03, 65.52," in Darkreach.

Once the chest is opend you will have your Starry Dreamfoal! YAY! I have noticed she/he makes a lot of noise constantly compared to other pets. So as much as I loved her I had to put her away. If you play without sound though it won't be an issue.

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