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Swift Gloomhoof the PURPLE!

The Swift Gloomhoof Mount all takes place in Ardenweild. You will need some kind of slow fall, goblin glider, lock gate, etc. to get to the first item. You will also need 10 lightless silk and a group of people doing the same quest or with a Dreamcatcher so that you can kill the boss at the end.

Go to "19, 63" in Tirna Scithe, Ardenweald. You will need to get to the branch across the way from the cliff. Climb up it to land than up the tree again to see a platform across from that. Glide once again on to that platform. On that island you can walk over to the wagon where you will find a branch sitting behind it. See the images for more details.

We used a lock to gate it and than summon everyone that didnt make it at the end to the platform shown below.

After you get your branch head over to Elder Gwenna,@"50.4, 33." in Glitterfall Basin. This is where it gets tricky. To be able to see Elder Gwenna you have to have done the quest lines in the zone to unlock her. If you have not, she won't be there to repair your Soulweb.

Part one:

-Trouble in the Banks ( Lady Of The Falls, “51.0, 33.8”)

-Breaking a Few Eggs (Forman Thoradir, “46.6, 29.4”)

-Tending to the Tenders (Forman Thoradir, “46.6, 29.4)

-Unsafe Workplace (Forman THoradir “46.6, 29.4”)

-Gifts fo the Forest (Fluttercatch, “48, 24.4”)

-Tied Totem Toter (Fluttercatch,48, 24.4”, Ends w/ Forman Thoradir “46.6, 29.4”)

-We’ll tell the Lady (Forman Thoradir, “46.6, 29.4”, Ends with Lady of the Falls,”51, 33.8”)

Party 2:

-Ages Echoing Wisdom

-The Games We play: You will need to give commands on these quests. Be sure you are targeted on the trickster when you / command. He will say things in his phrases in no particular order. These are the commands so that you know ahead of time.

"Not so much as a word of praise! Hmph!"

You type /praise

"The other spriggans were all cheering my name for days!"

You type /cheer

"Dance with me!"

You type /dance

"Introductions were an important part of first impressions!"

You type /introduce

"Some ask permission, and always thank us for our trouble."

You type /thank

"How strong he must have been!"

You type /strong

-Out Played

Once you hand these quests in. Elder Gwenna should now be within Glitterfall Basin and you can talk to her and have her repair your soulweb, but she will need 10 lightless silk. MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT MOUNTED, when you ask her to repair your soulweb or it wont work.

Then you go over to the heart of the forest and Talk to Ysera in the middle of your covenant hall if you are an Ardenweald. All other covenants must go to a guard outside the heart of the forest and ask to Speak with her. We did find she buggs a little on the ramps sometimes. She is still able to be talked to she just likes to stand in the ramp.

Once again DO NOT BE MOUNTED when asking her to give your Soulweb Power.

Now you have your Dream Catcher, this will let you see an alternate phasing in hibernal hollow at "62, 52." Be sure you all use your catchers and I would recommend 3-5 players depending on your confidence level. It's a five min buff so watch that it doesn't disappear and you leave your friends to die while fighting the Unicorn Night Mare. There isn't a cooldown except the global either.

The mechanics for Night Mare are simple:

-A charge at a random Person, can't really do anything for it.

-Total Eclipse which you need to move out of before it goes off.

-Cosmic Shower you can interrupt, so save your interrupts for this to save your group from death.

Once Night Mare is dead you can loot him for your Swift Gloomhoof! Yay.

To get a Starry Dreamfoil Companion to match your Swift Gloomhoof you can go to its guide also on this site within the day. Thanks for reading my guides and see you all next week.

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