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Tips From My New Player Husband

I finally got My fiance to play world of Warcraft. So i started him out right, on Classic! After a week of playing for the first time I had him give me a list of what he's learned and pointers. This is what I got.... -If you try to get a chicken pet, do it away from the coyotes or they will eat your chicken and all your clucking will be for nothing. -Get bags from friends who can weave them, if I didn't have bags I couldn't do anything -Put your new spells on your bar it doesn't always do it for you that includes new ranks -I hate murlocks, fear the murlocks -Make a night elf. They have a cool jumpy thingy -Make sure you look for flight paths, there is enough walking as it is -When in new places get a tour guide who knows where to go or you will be lost for ever -Don't die play with friends and die together -Do the piccolo rat quest in the tram. Its really fun -Fishing is boring -Hogger is really popular but not fun he will kill you and your friends -Even if you hit the monsters first they are not always your loot -When you try to loot near a camp its worth the quest item when you die -Don't use your charge into a group by yourself you will surly die -Make sure you clean out your bags often and repair often -Don't talk to the gnomes they will say inappropriate things back to you -When you die know how to get back to your body or you will be lost dead for hours -Stay on the path less chance to die but you still can... -Don't charge in a fight with half your health -Don't attack two levels above you because death -Come up for air before your breath bar runs out, because drowning death -Get help in caves or death -Don't disconnect on the boat or you will ride it longer -You cant swim to Darkshore from Darnassus because fatigue death -Gold shire is where the freaky people hang out. i think that is where that gnome came from....

That was my tip of the week according to my new player fiance. Lemme know if any of these things are familiar to you, or you remember them.

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