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I apologize for the quality of the screen shots on this. This dungeon is dark as it is and they upload darker.

Using Heroism

It is important to remember when you are doing certain affixes you want to use heroism at different times. Planning when you will use it can be very useful. For example, in weeks where the trash is more dangerous it can be wise to use it on the trash packs. A very good example of this is Tol'Dagor's dangerous trash packs. We use Heroism on Fortified weeks for the Crabs and Crocks at the beginning to get count.

This is a tricky pull even with heroism and you should gauge how much you can handle. This trash has to be Kited because of the stacking debuff the Crocks do, but the crabs like to stun and hold you down. So you need to coordinate group stuns and slows to help your tank stay alive.

The next pack we hero is the pack full of arsonists. Shown on the right. We round them up on the path shown below, then kite if needed for an affix. You can do this in fortified weeks and plan heroes for bosses on tyrannical. Also planning more difficult bosses for the hero that you have less time to get through before you can die to mechanics is smart. For example some groups have a hard time getting through the last boss because it becomes very hard to heal. A hero can help you get past that. Always remember to plan your hero out before you go in so you don't waste time debating it.


Start with clearing adds outside for count with the strat in mind of stunning and kiting will get most of your count for adds. Be sure to kite for the stacking debuff from the Sewer Vicejaw (crocks) and stunning so you can get out of the root from the crabs. Use Heroism as you feel is needed. (read heroism section for more)

1st Boss Sand Queen

This boss is all about dodging and weaving while trying to keep up with where the boss is. Be sure you are running to the tank to help them get adds if you have them to lesson the damage. Don't stand on the lumps of death they come out of, of coarse.

It is possible to avoid the sand trap something like leap right as the queen is about to come up under you. If you cannot avoid it use a damage reduction to take the damage whenever possible it does it quite hard.

If your doing an obelisk you will want to get the count you need than use it to skip through the trash in the tunnel up to the crock room. Otherwise using a scroll key or rogue can unlock the gate when you walk straight in and save you time getting past all the bug trash.

When you pull the obelisk up to the room you want to snap him on one of the shown pillars in snap section of this guide. Come out on the stairs and round up the sewer Vicejaws(crocks) again. You can also pick up the add standing in the door way on your way out, for cleave to save time. The crocks will do the stacking debuff so be sure to kite them. Stuns and slows can help your tank stay alive.

Start keeping an eye out for keys around the area that will unlock cells later.

Take stairs up to the brig where you will have a room full of prisoners that can give you buffs or count. See Thinks of Notes section about buffs.

Once you have the count needed if you are taking the obelisk take that all the way to the other side on the stairs through the door.

On the detention block you will have some very dangerous trash that is not to be joked around with see trash section for tips on how to deal with them. You will notice more jail cells. You want to let out any Prisoners you need for count. This will lesson the trash on the boss to deal with. Its important to note that when you do the trash with the boss it also doesn't go towards your trash count for mythic. Round up the trash and use the circle room for things like sanguine to drop so you don't drop it where you will be pulling the boss. This also helps mobs from running into other packs and pulling. See the heroism guide as well for tips on this area.

2nd Boss Jess and Bobby Howlis

When the fight starts you want to kick his fear and line of light his daggers until he phases into his smoke bomb. You can use things like icebound fortitude to get out of the smoke bomb and start in on the boss right away. If you decided to take the adds with the boss you will need to get them down before you go into the next part.

Once you finish with the adds. You can choose to take out Bobby first which is the strat used for the most part. You take him out by kicking his fear when he runs to cast it, than D.P.S. his bubble down when he jumps on someone, This makes it so you can kick his cast. It is very important to do this as quickly as possible because the damage he puts out is a lot on the person he eats. Once Jess' cast runs out your tank needs to start kicking the fear he puts out. It can be noted that if you miss fears you can Line of sight them shown in the images posted. You also want to use this line of sight to not be hit by the Daggers Jess will start to cast once his cry is over.

Once you finish with the adds You can choose to take out Bobby first which is the strat used for the most part. You take him out by kicking his fear when he runs to cast it, than D.P.S. his bubble down when he jumps on someone, This makes it so you can kick his cast. It is very important to do this as quickly as possible because the damage he puts out is a lot on the person he eats. Once Jess' cast runs out your tank needs to start kicking the fear he puts out. It can be noted that if you miss fears you can Line of sight them shown in the images posted. You also want to use this line of sight to not be hit by the Daggers Jess will start to cast once his cry is over.

The other option is too interrupt Jess' Motivating Cry than take him out and keep bobby kicked if your D.P.S. is ample enough. Be sure to do all the mechanics for the other strat while killing Jess. If you do not Interrupt Jess' motivating cry he will take a lot less damage and it will make it very hard to kill him.

Take the stairs and go up to the next level of the Officers Quarters. If you are doing obelisk this room you want to skip. Kill the few you need for your count than take your obelisk across the bridge around out the door and up the stairs to the outside.

If not this platform can get rough if you are not line of sighting mobs and watching how far you go when pulling. Remember this instance can pull through walls and across bridges or even below you on other levels. Watch your corruption and A.O.E. and where you are walking.

There is a very dangerous pack that you can skip all together if you walk into the room right shown below. Make sure you walk on the pillars to cut as close as you can. If you don't you will absolutely pull them. if you do pull them be sure to line of sight as shown in the image below as well.

Once up the stairs and outside you can use the first cannon. You will have a few buttons and only so many shots. So you must use them perfectly. To do this you can strat this one of two ways the first is to have our tank pile them up in front of the wall. And stay just outside the aoe for shots. as shown in the image below.

The next if is the one we typically do because our tanks don't want to risk the death of the canon and that is to shoot the back pack first. As soon as they get to the second pack your slows and stuns need to hit so they are all piled up. Than you shoot again slow again and so on.

This will take out a very large number of very difficult packs if done correctly. You do want to be sure if you are not the tank you are line of sighting as sown in image below because whomever is in the cannon will have full threat and than it will bounce around and you will be hit a lot if your not careful. You can tricks the cannon to the tank before hoping if you are running with a rogue to help with that.

Out here you will be skipping the obelisk for now. You will go do the boss fight than double back to grab it and take it all the way up to the top boss platform for the final boss.

Third Boss Captain Valyri

This boss will have barrels all around the room. You want to put down colors to help with call outs. Shown in the image below.

This will determine where you drop barrels so you can all drop in same corners. This also helps when she is about to blast her forward cone. You can call a color she is blasting at and get away quickly. It comes amist the chaos of moving barrels and easier to have tank call. This helps fix so much confusion. She will only light the barrels she blasts so keep that in mind when moving them. As long as you keep the mechanics going and you dispel the fuse lighter as soon as you get ti t stay out of blasts you will get through just fine. Everyone should be helping with barrels when they can to give everyone more time on damaging the boss.

Finish her off and head back to the obelisk and up to the last boss platform and snap the boss on the cannon balls shown in the snap section. Be sure you have the portal somewhere you wont pull the adds on the stairs and you also wont pull the boss when you come out.

If you are not taking an obelisk you will have to do the cannon again this time you will want to pull the adds from the top of the stairs down to you. Than hit them coming all the way down the same way with stunns or up against the wall with help from the tank.

Final Boss Overseer Korgus

So when you are ready to pull this boss you can go over and get into place in the shadow realm if you did use the obelisk. Otherwise wait till he walks away than get into one of the blue circle marked spots on the image below. The yellow is where the tank should stand with boss. The blue areas are safe so that you can have your back to a wall and still be healed. The Red spots are sketchy depending on where your healer is. As you can see in the image above if your healer is in certain wall spots they will not be able to heal you from where they are standing do to line of sight issues so be aware of this. Since this is a very heal intense fight it is important they can.

If you make your camera look down it is easier to see the ability cross hair that he will put on the ground. Move out of the darkened areas that is where you will be hit and stunned by the blast than get back into position right way for the push back the cannons do.

Stay spread for the Explosive burts that will hit your friends if they are hit by your bubble. You can over lap them just don't touch your friends with yours.

When you get the arrow on you that means you are about to be blasted. You need to use an ability to help with the damage on this. DO not take it twice. Another person should move in front of you to take the debuff instead if you already have it or you already used your ability to not take as much damage.


Snapping obelisk one you use the pillars. There are two spots to do this shown above. The bottom of the pillar is usually less buggy though. As shown on the left. So I recommend using it. It makes it easier to unsnap it back on the ground.

You can also snap the last obelisk to the top using the cannon ball piles around the boss room. They are tricky to get on though. Just being up over them usually will snap the obelisk mob right up to you anyway.

Trash Management

Sewer Vicejaw: put a stacking debuff on the tank. To deal with it you must kyte so that it can drop off and re apply. We usually stay

Irontide Thugs: Do AOE damage and damage dealt reduction Make sure you interrupt it or you'll do less DPS. They can see through stealth

Crabs: These guys will put a root on you so you can't move. This can really hurt when your trying to kite from the crocks. So be sure you stun and slow them so you can give yourself and the tank time to stay away from them.

Strikers: Throw rocks at random players easily manageable.

Arsonists: Throw torches that leave a dot behind. It can be dispelled but it can get hard to handle with a D.O.T. on every player because of the cool down. Be sure your helping dispel.

Warden: Use two abilities. Heavy armed increases the caster's damage done by 100% and reduces their movement speed by 50%.Lockdown Slashes out in a circle, inflicting 115102 Physical damage and rooting targets struck for 4 sec.

SeaSpeakers: put a dome around a target. Be sure you interrupt/kick this.

Jailer and Officer: Put up a shield that reflex spells shown on the right. This can be stunned to stop it. They put out a handcuff that stuns you so you cant do anything. Be sure you interrupt this as well. Shown below. They can also see stealth.

Flame Casters: Just need to be interrupted. You can line of sight them to get them to stack up for you as well.

Ashvane Priest: Uses a heal called inner flames. Stuns will keep them from healing They also use a AOE stun you need to stay out of.

Spotters and Marines: will not want to move. Because they don't have a cast you must line of sight them or use a pull to get them together such as sigil. The Marines like to do a frontal shot that put a dot on you called suppression fire.

Things to Note

Unlocking Buffs:

While in the dungeon you can also use keys, scrolls, or rogues to open the doors of cells with Alliance Hostage/Horde Hostage in them. There are keys all around the dungeon to find. The Hostage can give mage, pally, warrior,etc like buffs upon release to help you through the dungeon. They will come with a cellmate to kill from time to time though. Usually there are at least two of them to free. Rogues can pick lock and not pull the extra mobs by spamming stealth but its tricky. You can sap, line of sight, blind and stealth after opening to open doors with mobs near them. You can also get cheeky and line of sight completley and not even have to stealth. Shown below.

Unlocking Doors: It is possible to skip areas using a rogue blacksmith or scroll. The doors let you skip whole sections and can be used to get past things a lot faster if you don't need the trash for count. This includes using blinds, sap and vanish. Spamming stealth after unlocking a door. Line of sighting while opening doors. Play with this a bit to see what you can get away with.


I wanna thank Remidee and Cassa for helping me the shots i needed this week. Of coarse and Mythic Dungeon Tools. The addon that we would never get through any dungeons without.

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