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Una Guide

This is a quick no extra guide to getting Una's quest line done. It includes obtaining getting her things/mogs and making it so she will hug you.

To Obtain Una you must gather the ingredients to summon the monster who I assume ate her. The items are in the Antorin Wastes, the left island in The Vindicar of the Legion Expansion.

Summoning The Monster and Obtaining Una

You will need three bones and a scroll to summon the Devourer the Monster I assume ate Una.

1. Call of The Devourer = Drops of the Antorin Defenders and Tormented Ritualists in the scavengers boneyard highlighted above. Once you have the scroll you can get the bones it calls for.

2. Fiend Bone= Is located at 52, 35 next to the pillar.

3.Ur'zul Bone= Is located at 50, 56

4. Imp Bone = is located by Persilla Spawn point in the imp cave

5. Once you have all 3 bones and the scroll you can go to the spot to summon the monster called the Many Faced Devourer @ 54, 39 back in the bone yard.

Una should Drop of of this. You can now summon the Devourer once a day and kill it for the drop once a day. This may take a couple of tries to get it. They increased the drop rate and it only took me two tries and my friend Moss two tries as well. So thats wasn't bad at all.

(Insert Drop of Una screenshot)

Making Una Your Friend

To get started you want to make Una Your buddy so you can start taking her places she says she wants to go. This is similar to the children's weeks quests lines accept it took the secret finders lots of work to figure out what this child wanted.

1.Take out your Una and wait a while for her to talk.

2. Once she finishes talking /whistle at her. She will talk again.

3. Once she is done /roar at her. She will run away in fear of her life.

4.You will have to re summon her once she is gone and than /cry at her. She will talk again about being scared of the dark.

First Adventure

First we are headed to Shattrath. Take the portal to the city and walk up to middle next to the Giant Naaru. Wait for her to Rp and talk about the dark.

When she is done head to Ashenvale. To the Moonlight Patch at Lake Felethin @ 19, 41. Summon her and again make sure you wait for her to talk. She will ask about Nuu her stuffy.

Go get your self 2-3 goblin glider kits for back up for this next part. Go back to the Vindacaar Argus but this time to Mac'Aree. Look for the islands below.

The First Island you can levitate, slow fall, or demon glide to. If you don't have that than use your first glider. Make sure you jump up not out and click the glider from the edge.

The next one use the glider. Jump up from the highest point on island to get there. Again don't jump out just up and click your glider. I aimed for the left side of the island if that helps. I landed perfectly there.

Go inside and there will be a doll on the floor. Bring out Una and let her Rp roll. Once she has the doll in hand and she stops talking you can leave.

Now head to Bloodmyst Isle the upper island Draenei leveling area near Exodar. Go to 56, 56 and find the table shown. Summon Una to grab the wand off of it. I had to walk back and forth to it a few times to get her to talk and pick it up. Wait for her to have the wand and stop talking.

Next head to Shadowmoon Valley to 56, 41. There is a tiny camp there. Next to the fire there are three seats. On one of the seats sits Una's crown. Summon Una next to this and wait for her to talk and put on the crown. Now wait a few minutes and watch as she gets snatched away by tentacles. When she is gone you wont be able to summon her till you do the next part. I actually missed this part because i looked away. ):

Saving Una

To save Una you must die, so you can speak to the spirit healer to find her. Any Spirit Healer will do. I just stayed in Shadowmoon Valley and flew up real high to die. Start the Dialog with The spirit healer and you will receive the text pictured below.

Go to Northrends, Dragonblight @ 66, 74. You will see a giant skull with a clickable tear on it. I recommend making a /hug macro so you don't have to quickly type it in the chaos to come. Click the tear to begin the Scenario.

Head over to Una in the darkness and /cheer at her. Than put down a fire next to her.

After a few minutes the shadows will come. You cannot attack them. You can walk through the shadows to keep them away when they start coming. Una will also shoot them with her wand. If you cannot keep them off her you will have to start the scenario over. When she finally emotes about wrapping her arms around her use your macro on her or /hug her before she gets hit. Watch the Rp because its actually pretty awesome. Once you are our of the scenario you will be able to summon her again.

Second Adventure get Una's Hugs

Head over to Pandaria's Vale of Eternal Blossoms @ 8, 59. Inside the I guess arena or bug gate area. Honestly I don't know what to call it. Summon Una and she will do her Rp you can leave.

Head to the Broken Isles, Suramar to 62, 83 inside the castle courtyard and summon una. She wants to play princesses! awww! Let her finish her Rp.

Go back to New Dalaran in Broken Isles and head to Krusus Landing the Flight Path Area. Summon Una and let her brag about the this awesome place you live. Let her finish.

Head back to Northrend's Dragonblight Temple at snow level on the west side at 57, 54 and take her to see the "lizard birds." Summon Una. She wants a lizard bird as a pet.

Head over to Mount Hyjal on the west side of the lake @ 59, 24. Summon Una listen to her talk about the area till she is done.

Head back over to Pandaria. Were headed to Kun-Lai Summit at the top of the mountain @45, 52. Summon Una and wait till she is done telling you about the view.

Head to Blackrock Mountain, in Burning Steppes. Go inside Summon Una and head up the path to the left till you get to 37, 67. Let her finish talking about the lava lake.

Last Head back to Shadow Moon Valley @ 70, 46. Listen To the rest of Una's Rp and she will hug you. From now on whenever you hug Una, she will hug you back. YAY!

Thanks to Hazlenutty for her help through this and Mirma for reminding me I hadn't done this fun story line. It was really a fun one. I enjoyed it.

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