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Unlock Vulpera and Mecha-gnomes in 8.2.

To get your Vulpera opened you will need to... -Reach exalted with The Volundai faction (Horde only) -Earn the "Secrets in the Sands" achievement which requires completing "Unlikely Allies," "The Warguard’s Fate," "The Three Keepers," "Atul’Aman," "Dangers in the Desert," "A City of Secrets," and "Storming the Spire" storylines. Doing so will let you pick up the vulpera quest line as soon as 8.3 drops. To open up your foxy friends. This will also get you the new caravan hyena mount. Its so fluffy!

To get your Mechagnome opened up you will need too… -Get The Mechagonian Threat achievement from completing the storyline in Mechagon Alliance only -Get Exalted with Rustbolt Resistance Completing this will let you start the mechagnome quest line In 8.3 to recruit them. And get you they sexy kickable robot buddy to boot. So be sure to pick up a dark moon fair buff or hat and pop on your anniversary buff so you can level and get rep to your heart's content. I’m almost done with the Vulpera requirements and I just leveled my horde from 110 in two days because of it. And I didn’t sit on game all day like I would have liked. I did the same with my new tank paladin and got her leveled and geared in the same time frame. It’s amazing! Good luck out there and I hope to see you in fox land soon.

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