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What is My best Upgrade

Trying to figure out what is best for you out of your vault can sometimes be really simple. Other times it's like I have no clue. It's not always about the item level, sometimes it's stats. Other times the trinket help could put it over. EIther way I have a hard time each week picking what to take. So a good trick I found is to use the Simulationcraft addon to get your character script, then plug it into raidbots. If you do this with your vault open you can get it to sim all of the pieces as well.

To Do this...

1.Click your vault

2. Click your simcraft addon

3. Copy paste that to TopGear category

4. Then select the items that you want to sim

5. It will give you the best upgrade stat wise.

Of course you can't sim healing and tanking. It is only dps. But It still sims the stats and the most stat upgrade. It will tell you to use your highest dps pieces too. I usually ignore the trinkets unless I'm going for a high dps build myself as a healer or tank.

You may have to still make an educated guess with trinkets. Since you cant sim that as a healer or tank. It will give you stats for all your choices on a list.This same process works all the time to if you didnt already know about it.

Here are the links to the ADDON and the WEBSITE.

Hope this helps you pick your upgrades each week. Be kind to each other, you never know what someone is going through. Next week is our Druid PVP guide! Thanks for listening and see you all next week.

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