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Wild Glimmer Prowler

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

So we have all seen as an Ardenweald, the Wild Glimmer Prowler for the outstanding balance of 5000 anima,75 offerings and reputation in our covenant halls but there is another way to get it without all of these things.Plus you don't have to be an Ardenweald to boot.

Once you or your friend has unlocked their level three of the Anima Conductor. They can set their ley line to Tirna Scithe. This will unlock the seed orb they can click on near the rare Valfir the Unrelenting, you see walking around with a buff called misty veil near the entrance of the mists maze @(30.45 55.55).

This orb can be picked up and thrown at the rare to drop his mist buff. He can be killed out right but it will not be easy. Valfir the Unrelenting has a chance to drop the Mount to anyone who kills it.

I have yet to get it to drop for myself. I have only had a chance to kill him about three times since im bumming of my Friend Mildfires third unlock to his Anima Conductor. I'll be sure to post a pic here when I do and let you know how many times I killed it.

Thanks again to Mild and Rotheran for the pictures for this guide. See you all next week!

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