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Wildseed Cradle /Baby Yoda Seat

Today We will be talking about the adventure we took to get Fafford his Cradle so he could be carried around like Grogu in the Mandalorian!

To get this mount you need to get Twinklestar’s Five missing tools to be able to see a Cache of the moon. She is located next to the water in Tirna Vaal Ardenweald (63.92, 37.54). You do not need to talk to Twinkle to start it.

Everything you need will be in the Garden of the Night in Ardenweald. They are very small items you click on to pick up.

Diary of the Night is located up on the path above. Take the ramp to go up the tree house to get to the table the Diary is on @38.99, 56.96

The Gardener’s Hammer is in the cart at @ 39.75, 54.40

The Gardener’s Basket is next to a pond or fountain edge on the ground@40.31, 52.62.

The Gardener’s Flute is on the ground under some spriggens who are dancing around near the bottom of a giant tree @38.49, 58.08.

The Gardeners Wand is under a cart and pretty hard to see @38.85, 60.10.

Now that you have all 5 you right click any one of them in your bag to make Twinklestars Gardening Toolkit. Head back to Twinklestar at Tirna Vaal in Ardenweald (63.92, 37.54).

Open a dialog box to talk to her. She will grant you a buff called Moonsight. This buff allows you to see the glowing orb behind her called the Cache of the Moon. Open it to get your Wildseed Cradle! Now you can get Moonsight whenever you ask as well.

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