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WTF is Snapping

It's all about that snapping! Yes snapping. No, I don't mean the sound you make with your fingers. I mean the snap in place of mobs by standing in a spot that makes them stick and stay with you while your tanking.

This is really helpful in mythic where you are trying to keep control of runners and charging mobs. To snap you can find places like the ledges in Atal’dazar where the mob has no path to get away. It is a good way to keep the raptors from jumping on all the people in the group. You just have to be quick on your feet for most of them or you could fall off the edge and that won't save you any time. But some you can do without falling. You can also snap on the large ledges on the stairs for same effect. This requires some finesse but you won't fall. You can have someone misdirect or tricks you to help out. Another good spot is in Shrine of the Storm. On the bowl looking ledges.

If you know some good snap points please comment on my Facebook post with your own. This will save you some time and lives in your runs.

Remember that not all groups follow the same rules and will teleport you to them instead. Just like the waterfall in Atal on the first boss, it will teleport you to his mouth and he will eat you right away.

More snaps can be done on obelisks to get you across a Mythic over 10. They will be in my future posts about each Mythic plus. Look out for that. Good luck.

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